Online Dating Scam

Online Dating Scam


Accused romance scammer Mitchell Gross won’t make you feel better about looking for love online.

Online Dating Scam

For singulars who have their doubts about Internet dating, Meet Mitchell Gross, aka fiction author Mitchell Graham.

The feds in Atlanta announced the indictment of the 61-year-old on charges of wire fraud and money laundering after he allegedly duped at least two women he met on a Jewish dating site into investing millions of dollars in a phony investment company.

“This defendant allegedly met women through an online dating service and posed as someone who wanted a committed romantic relationship, but who in fact was interested in luring them into investing their savings with a phony company,” said Atlanta U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates in a statement.

Mitchell Gross/aka Mitchell Graham from his website.
Mitchell Gross/aka Mitchell Graham from his website.

“The unsuspecting victims transferred millions of dollars into bank accounts controlled by the defendant, who allegedly depleted the funds to pay back previous victims and enrich himself.”

Authorities said Gross, who published novels under the name “Mitchell Graham” met a woman on the dating site in June 2006 and struck up a romance.

Gross told the woman — authorities referred to only as “R.J”— that he  was independently wealthy and financially secure and that his wealth dramatically increased as a result of the successful investment of his funds by “Michael Johnson,” supposedly a licensed stock broker employed by a subsidiary of Merrill Lynch known as “The Merrill Company.”

In fact, “Michael Johnson” was an alias used by Gross himself, and “The Merrill Company” did not exist.

R.J. called a phone number provided by Gross and spoke to “Michael Johnson” who in fact was Gross, who was disguising his voice.

The woman ultimately wired approximately $2.99 million to an account she believed belonged to “The Merrill Company,” which was actually controlled by Gross.

As part of the scheme, Gross sent the woman IRS 1099 forms that falsely reported dividend and interest income purportedly earned on her “Merrill Company” investment accounts. Gross also sent phony “Merrill Company” account statements to be delivered to R.J.

Authorities said that Gross used the funds to repay a former girlfriend, who had invested about $1.4 million with “The Merrill Company.”

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2 thoughts on “Online Dating Scam

  1. I first visited this site.I have read this blog, I have been told that there is mostly good points which are adding the importance of blog. Nice work, Keep to write more good news.

  2. I think this article is mislabeled. None of it was actually due to online dating or was it really an online dating scam. The vehicle in which the perp met these 2 women back in 2006 was through online dating service but that was really it. He did not attempt to have them invest into online dating or any other type of dating business.

    He could have met any of these women any where. McDonalds, Jiffy Lube, the corner bakery. To name this a “dating scam” seems to be using his crime as a biased against online dating.

    Needless to say, when you meet anyone, ANYWHERE, you should always be cautious and use common sense. If someone is asking you for money, no matter how trust worthy you THINK they might be do your due diligence. Check better business bureau, call the Sec. of State office to verify their corporation, do a background check, get copies of their license and have them fill out an official investment contract. If this sounds like too much to do then be prepared to lose it all.

    Generally, if anyone asks me for money, and says its an investment opportunity, my ears go up, my nose goes to the ground, and I start sniffing to see if they’re a phony. But to say this was on online dating scam is INCORRECT.

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