Favorite Ski Destinations for Single Skiers

January 7th, 2016By Kim Calvert

Looking for your next ski adventure? Check out Singular magazine’s tips on the best ski resorts to visit when you’re a savvy single traveler.

The Willows – Palm Springs Paradise

November 15th, 2015By Kim Calvert

Palm Springs is known for its mid-century modern architecture, celebrities, golf tournaments and trendy venues, but one of its greatest assets is a historic hotel.

Seventeen Singulars in Cambria

November 1st, 2015By Kim Calvert

SingularCity gets together for a weekend in a charming village on California’s Central Coast and what happened in Cambria should definitely not stay in Cambria.

Single in Seattle

August 31st, 2015By Amy Bender

I have vacation time, extra cash, but no travel partner. What’s a single girl to do? Wait for someone to show up with roses and airline tickets? Never!

Cambria – A California Classic

August 10th, 2015By Kim Calvert

Beautiful coastline, forested hills, acres of wildflowers, delicious cuisine, artisan boutiques and wine tasting galore. Cambria is California − country style.

California Wine Country Weekend

May 3rd, 2015By Michelle Gigon

Three single sisters travel to Napa Valley to enjoy California vintages, farm fresh food, vine-terraced greenery and plush spa pampering.

The Charm of China in Los Angeles

April 5th, 2015By Amber Chen

The many ethnic enclaves in Los Angeles provide a wealth of opportunities for an afternoon that feels just like being in a foreign land.

Single Man Vacation – Ice Fishing in Wisconsin

December 15th, 2014By David Peters

What’s a single guy from Los Angeles supposed to do when he’s invited to go ice fishing in Wisconsin in the dead of winter? Say yes of course!