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Baja Buffett

A Baja Buffet for Single Travelers

June 23, 2014
By Valerie Bassett

Travel for Singles – La Paz, on the southern tip of Baja California, offers single adventure seekers a selection of delicious dishes, luxurious relaxation and spicy surprises.

Anguilla - Soft Adventures on Sugar Sands

The Island of Anguilla for Single Travelers

May 12, 2014
By Devorah Ben-David

Travel for Singles – The island of Anguilla in the Caribbean offers a vacation destination for singles who enjoy soft sand beaches, turquoise water and luxury accommodations.


Single Mother / Single Daughter Trip to China

May 4, 2014
By Sarah Treleaven

Travel for Singles – Two single women, a daughter and her mother, a generation apart, discover more than exotic sights when they explore China together.

A Single Adventure to San Miguel de Allende

A Single Adventure to San Miguel de Allende

April 27, 2014
By Leigh Ann Boutwell

Consider making your next single travel adventure the city of San Miguel de Allende for the feel of old Mexico with sophisticated dining, luxury spas, arts and music.

The People of Peru

The People of Peru

April 18, 2014
Story and Photos by Kim Calvert

Travel for Singles – Peru has beautiful mountains, jungles, deserts and plains, but my favorite part of this South American country is the charming Peruvians themselves.


African Safari Adventure in Kenya

January 20, 2014
By Tara Aronson
Photos by Ed Reder

Single Living – Single travel adventurers go to Kenya and discover there’s no place like Africa to witness the circle of life in a land of profound and timeless beauty.

It's True! Size Does Matter

Bako National Park in Malaysia

October 28, 2013
By John Geary

Travel ideas for singles – size does matter if you’re a proboscis monkey living in Malaysia’s Bako National Park midst abundant wildlife, waterfalls, secluded beaches and trekking trails.

My Hike to Machu Picchu

My Hike to Machu Picchu

August 26, 2013
By Kim Calvert

I took the 25-mile hike on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu to see ancient ruins but found much more in the courage and strength of a Peruvian mountain man.

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