Single Man Vacation – Ice Fishing in Wisconsin

January 12th, 2020By David Peters

What’s a single guy from Los Angeles supposed to do when he’s invited to go ice fishing in Wisconsin in the dead of winter? Say yes of course!

Take Me to Tahiti – 5 Tips for an Affordable Trip

December 16th, 2019By Kim Calvert

Tahiti: a word that inspires a sigh of longing from anyone who hears it. Don’t wait for a special occasion that may never come – make plans to go now.

Favorite Ski Destinations for Single Skiers

October 15th, 2019By Kim Calvert

Looking for your next ski adventure? Check out Singular magazine’s tips on the best ski resorts to visit when you’re a savvy single traveler.

Meet Me in Miami

September 1st, 2019By Kim Calvert

Miami and Los Angeles are both famous for their iconic beach city culture, but they’re much further apart than the 2,733 miles that lie between them.

Traveling Alone — Together

August 28th, 2019By Anita Covic

Like to travel but don’t want to go on your own? connects solo travelers with fellow adventurers who have similar destination interests.

Riding the Rails with the Cumbres & Toltec

August 19th, 2019By Kim Calvert

A coal-powered steam locomotive was once the way to get there fast. It’s not the fastest any longer, but remains one of the best ways to enjoy the journey.

Belize – Paradise Found and Lost

April 18th, 2018By RW Klarin

Those romantic destinations that linger in our minds often have a hard time measuring up to the vision we remember, when we return decades later to find them.

Alaska – A Walk on the Wild Side

August 4th, 2017By Carl Paradise

America’s largest state is brimming with wildlife, breathtaking vistas, ancient glaciers and friendly folk who prefer life untamed.