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The People of Peru

The People of Peru

April 18, 2014
Story and Photos by Kim Calvert

Travel for Singles – Peru has beautiful mountains, jungles, deserts and plains, but my favorite part of this South American country is the charming Peruvians themselves.

Day Trips for Singles in Los Angeles

Day Trips for Singles in Los Angeles

March 17, 2014
By Rachel B. Levine
Photos by Felipe Dupouv

Single Living – With its wealth of cultural and ethnic enclaves, Los Angeles singles can feel like they’re traveling the globe without driving far from home.

Arizona is Hot – Cool Spas, Hotels and Affordable Fun

Arizona is Hot with Cool Fun for Singles

February 17, 2014
By J.C. Russell

Travel for Singles – Phoenix, Scottsdale and Sedona – all in Arizona, offer red rock views and elegant surroundings for a single travel escape from the winter chill.


African Safari Adventure in Kenya

January 20, 2014
By Tara Aronson
Photos by Ed Reder

Single Living – Single travel adventurers go to Kenya and discover there’s no place like Africa to witness the circle of life in a land of profound and timeless beauty.

A Ski Date with Telluride

A Ski Date with Telluride

December 16, 2013
By Kellen Zale

Travel for Singles – Telluride in Colorado is the Wild West revisited, a contact high with nature, great après ski adventures and, above all, a single skier’s paradise.

Single Mom Adventures in Joshua Tree

Single Mom Adventures in Joshua Tree

November 4, 2013
By Melonie Magruder

One of the great things about being a single mom in Los Angeles is the abundance of nearby ways to thoroughly engage the attention of your pre-teen son.

It's True! Size Does Matter

Bako National Park in Malaysia

October 28, 2013
By John Geary

Travel ideas for singles – size does matter if you’re a proboscis monkey living in Malaysia’s Bako National Park midst abundant wildlife, waterfalls, secluded beaches and trekking trails.

Utah Road Trip Adventure

Utah Road Trip Adventure

September 30, 2013
Story and Photos by Kim Calvert

Travel ideas for singles in Los Angeles – discover the joys of a scenic Utah highway adventure that weaves its way between the national parks known as the Mighty Five.

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