New Dating Website Matches Opposites

Dating Website Matches Opposites


The old saying “opposites attract” and the idea to “stop dating yourself” is the concept behind Opposites Connect.

New Dating Website Matches Opposites

Experts say one mistake many dating singulars make is they keep looking for someone similar to themselves — believing that person will be their perfect type. According to it’s not the case.

“Most dating sites use unrealistic compatibility scores, matching couples who may be right on paper, but in the real world have little to talk about,” says Larry Wilson, the CEO of the site. He says couples that seem like opposites on the surface are often more connected on a deeper level than couples who share more similarities.

“They not only have something to talk about, but they bring different opinions, preferences, and interests to their relationships,” says Wilson. “Furthermore, being an opposite teaches couples to learn how to communicate on a much more intimate level earlier in the dating process.”

Wilson says all other dating sites are essentially the same. They match people with their perfect harmonious match, or “mirror image.” He says while that may work for some, the lack of diversity only serves to frustrate the vast majority of seekers who were craving something different.

He says that Opposites Connect blends avant-garde match matching with entertainment and social networking tools to deliver a “revolutionary” dating experience. People are matched by taking a short quiz of multiple choice and preference questions. The site includes practical insights from Diane Lykes and Patricia DeVost, both licensed psychotherapists, who helped put together the methodology for connecting singles based on divergent preferences.

Wilson says his method adds an element lacking on other sites: curiosity. “On dates set up by other sites, the conversations routinely end with someone saying, “Me too.” You feel from reading your dates profile that you know all there is to know about them. After all, you’re seated across from your 90 percent match.”

He says that too many “Me too’s” means the conversation is really going nowhere. “With Opposites Connect, you find someone who fits much of what you’re looking for, but there’s something that instantly pops out at you … some opinion or preference that peaks your interest and therefore your curiosity level. And with curiosity comes deeper, more thought provoking conversations and passion.”


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