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Getting Pretty with SingularCity at the Nelson j Salon


SingularCity members enjoy salon services, cake, champagne, and some great girl talk at Singular magazine’s Pretty in the City event at the Nelson j Salon.

Nelson j Salon Event
SingularCity members enjoying Singular magazine’s Pretty in the City party at the Nelson j Salon in Beverly Hills.

On Thursday, June 6 SingularCity members of the female kind enjoyed a night of luxurious pampering at the Nelson j Salon in Beverly Hills. Treats included salon mini-services, samples of delicious cake from Cake Buzz, appetizers, champagne and gift bags filled with full-sized hair care products developed by Nelson Chan, the founder and owner of the salon.

Some 40 guests were greeted at the reception desk where they signed up for the services of their choice. Options included: blow out styling as desired, whether simply straight or soft glamorous curls; a mini massage with a licensed massage therapist to soothe the knots and relieve tension in the neck and shoulders; a mini manicure that included removal of polish and application of fresh polish; a hair conditioning treatment with Nelson j Argan Oil 7 conditioning treatment (guests who tried it said it was miraculous) and a make-up application from the Nelson j makeup artist.

SingularCity member Vida Ghaffari said she had a wonderful time. “I’m loving my mani, conditioning treatment and blow out. Nelson j Salon rocks.”

In between getting pampered with salon services, SingularCity guests enjoyed samples of decadent, liquor-infused cake from Cake Buzz in such flavors as “The Pirate” made with Malibu rum, coconut vodka and coconut tequila; “Oatmeal Cookie Cake” made with Goldschlager, Baileys, walnut liqueur and butterscotch schnapps; “The Gorilla” made with banana vodka, Kahlua Cinnamon Spice, PB&J vodka; crème de cocao, Baileys, tequila rose cocoa, pisa liqueur, praline liqueur and macadamia nut liqueur — along with other equally delicious and exotic flavors.

Nelson j Salon provided a selection of cheese and crackers, fruit and champagne, and every guest took home a gift bag filled with hair care products created by Nelson Chan, including Argan Oil 7 non-foaming Shampoo and Moisture Healing Mask deep conditioner.

Cynthia Kron, a SingularCity member, brought a friend, Riye Park. “We had originally planned to go to a happy hour or dinner together, but we decided to do this instead and we both had a really nice time,” she said. “Reggie, my stylist, was terrific to work with and he was a lot of fun to talk to. And my mini-massage with Erika really got some kinks out of my neck and found some muscles in there that I didn’t even know existed. I also really enjoyed the boozy-cake…very yummy.”

“I had a great, relaxing time at the event,” said Judi Bloom a longtime SingularCity member. “I got a terrific blow out from Chris that was so good it inspired me to buy the brush he used,  a neck massage and a manicure which hasn’t chipped yet. I made some new friends, loved the scrumptious liqueur cakes…in a word, what’s not to like?”

Another SingularCity member, Tracy Hunt said, “The party was great! I had a mini manicure with lovely Tammy, a makeup application with expert Richard (he knows how to make a woman look great) and had my hair fabulously curled by Reggie, who is not only a pro stylist but has a very special heart. It was a treat to mingle with my SingularCity friends and meet some new ones. The gift bags were a wonderful added bonus. Nelson’s generosity and contribution are much appreciated and I will return to the salon. I’m so glad I went.”

The event was free for members of the SingularCity online community. If you would like to find out more about becoming a SingularCity member (the community is for single men and women in Los Angeles) please send an email to or visit

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