More Single Women are Traveling Solo

More Single Women are Traveling Solo


Results from Lavalife poll of 2,000 singles shows single women are more willing to take trips on their own.

More Single Women Are Traveling Solo

With the holidays approaching and travel deals, weekend getaways and exotic adventures commanding the front pages of travel sections, Lavalife, a leader in online dating for more than 20 years, begged the question: “Are singles willing to travel solo?”

The results were illuminating. In a recent poll, over 2,000 singles across North America were asked if they had ever traveled solo as a single. A whopping 61% of single women admitted to a solo journey. Sixty-four percent deemed their solo travels “exciting” while a comparatively paltry 36% were terrified by the experience.

“I hear it all the time ― single women crave adventure and this poll corroborates that,” says Kim Hughes, Lavalife’s Dating & Relationship expert. “In the past, women might have put off travel until they were partnered but times have clearly changed. Whether heading out with pals or solo, women are hitting the road in record numbers. Of course, safety is priority number one.”

Enter journalist and 30-something single Sarah Rowland.

Last summer, in an effort to expand her search for a mate beyond the borders of her Vancouver hometown, Rowland literally dated her way across Canada, using pre-arranged dates through Lavalife and on-the-ground reconnaissance to meet guys from Calgary to Halifax, Montreal to Toronto.

Rowland’s sometimes weird, sometimes wild cross-Canada dating adventure unearthed crucial tips for single gals hitting the highways and byways of the Great White North. Whether a single lady is seeking a mate or just a blast, these tips are a tried and true start to her solo journey.

Top 10 Dos and Don’ts for Journey across North America (and beyond):

More Single Women Are Traveling SoloWhen you’re in the Midwest, do ride a mechanical bull.

It’s only eight seconds of your life and it’s a great way to let your presence be known at the local saloon. Trust me, after you get bucked off the first time, you’ll have a whole whack of rodeo types giving you riding advice and buying you drinks. Plus, it may be the only time in your life you get to sport a solar-eclipsing cowboy hat without looking like a full-on country cougar.

When you’re in the Midwest, don’t ride a cowboy on the first night.

They’re a little old fashioned. So let your rodeo stud take you out for steak dinner and some line-dancing before you mount him. And then pray he lasts longer than eight seconds.

When you’re in on the West Coast, do go sailing and surfing.

Take full advantage of the open sea while you can. Because if you’re crossing the country, it won’t be long before you’re landlocked with nothing but hotel pools to frolic in and we all know how chlorine can be murder on processed hair.

More Single Women Are Traveling SoloWhen you’re on the West Coast, don’t get overly attached to sailors and surfers.

Those free spirit types aren’t usually big on commitment. So enjoy the sun, sand and surf with them, but don’t start picking out the china patterns right away because it won’t be long before they start looking for the next big wave.

When you’re on the East Coast, do get your hair done.

When it comes to something as important as getting a root touch-up, you don’t want to leave that up to chance with some small-town hairdresser (can you say frost & tip?). Trust me, those big city prices are worth it.

When you’re on the East Coast, don’t get your laundry done.

It’s cheaper to buy new underwear than it is to get them washed at big-city hotels. Some five-star chains charge up to $5.75 (plus tax) per pair. Besides, since when do you need an excuse to go shopping?

When you’re in the Northwest, do keep your eyes peeled for indie rock stars.

The Northwest is a mecca for indie rock, especially Portland. The guys from bands like Spoon and Modest Mouse roam the streets and pubs freely. And unlike rock stars that make it in bigger cities like New York, these guys have zero attitude and use way less hair product.

When you’re in the Northwest, don’t keep your eyes peeled for cute grunge guys.

They don’t exist anymore. But hey, don’t let that stop you from wearing a cute fitted plaid.

More Single Women Traveling Solo

When you’re in New England, do eat the fish.

God it’s so cheap. How can you not? And it’s virtually carb-free!

When you’re in New England, don’t get into the politics of fishing.

Word to the wise: It can be a bit of a sensitive subject and you never know when you’re talking to a fourth generation fisherman. Lobsters are for eating not lobbying. So get out that bib and dig in.

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