More iPhone Apps for Singles in the Dating Scene

iPhone Apps for Singles in the Dating Scene


The PeopleFinders Network launches apps for dating singles seeking background information on potential love interests.

More iPhone Apps for Singles in the Dating Scene

The PeopleFinders Network unveiled two iPhone apps – “Stud Or Dud” and “Are They Really Single,” along with accompanying websites. Both apps are touted to provide singles with easy-to-view reports that can help them make important decisions about potential love interests. These reports are based on background information including age, marriage and divorce records, criminal history, business ownership, property ownership, evictions and more.

To conduct a search with “Stud Or Dud,” users simply enter a name, age, date of birth, phone number, email address, city or state. The application then performs an extensive search through PeopleFinders’ database of public records and publicly available information, and formulates a comprehensive profile on the person of interest. Based on a number of criteria, it helps users determine whether the person might be a “stud” or “dud.”

As for the “Are They Really Single,” it helps users confirm that a potential love interest is, in fact, single. Again, you should enter a name, age, date of birth, city or state. The service then searches through information pertaining to marriage, divorce, spousal and other domestic relationships, and creates a list of people who have or had long-term relationships with the person.

Each app costs a buck, which is not much considering the usefulness of information generated. Plus “Are They Really Single” is also available in free, lite version, though I’m not sure about the differences.

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