Mobile Dating Is On The Rise

Mobile Dating Is On The Rise


New study shows that those who depend on iPhone, Blackberry and other mobile devices
are using them for their dating life too.

Mobile Dating Is On The Rise

By Kelly Seal

If you’re a person who lives via your iPhone, Blackberry, or other mobile device, it looks like the dating world is trending that way too.

A new study by mobile measurement firm Ground Truth reveals that between the first week of June and the last week of July, mobile dating has increased 92%.

Flirtomatic, a dating site specifically geared towards mobile users, seems to have fared the best from this trend and is currently category leader, serving 65% of the mobile dating market. Popular online dating sites like Match and eHarmony are less frequented on mobile devices, ranking 7 and 17 in the study respectively.

This leaves a lot of room for emerging mobile dating companies to grab market share from the lucrative online dating market. Many singles are active, especially in the summer months, and their social lives become more mobile. This makes mobile dating an increasingly appealing option over traditional online dating. It’s fast and it’s convenient.

Evan Neufeld, vice president of marketing for Ground Truth observes, “The idea of poring over profiles tethered to a home computer is much less appealing when the weather is pleasant and social activities tend to gravitate toward outdoor activities. It’s also worth noting that dating sites which are designed around the mobile experience, such as Flirtomatic, are attracting the most users.”

The study does not reveal whether mobile dating is more popular among singles in larger cities like New York or Los Angeles compared to the rest of the country.

Ground Truth’s study includes mobile usage metrics across several measures, including sessions per subscriber, pages per subscriber, pages per session and time per subscriber, measured on a weekly basis. This data was gathered from millions of subscribers using their True View technology, between June and July 2010.

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