Meet SingularCity Member Garret Swayne

Meet SingularCity Member Garret Swayne


With roots planted in homegrown American music, singular Swayne pokes fun of love on the web with his song, “Email Female” in this funny video clip.

Meet SingularCity Member Garret Swayne
Singular singer / songwriter Garret Swayne. Photo by Patrick Azria.

“Email Female” is SingularCity member and country/folk-rock artist Garret Swayne’s signature song about Internet romance. The song enjoyed a resurgence last year, reaching No. 1 on New Artist Radio and spawning its own dance when Scottish dance instructor, Eddie McIntosh, heard the song and choreographed the dance that swept the UK’s line-dance community.

Of course, “Email Female” is only one of Swayne’s songs that chronicle his life and times. Known as a “troubadour of the digital age,” the unifying theme of his music is connection ― the idea that we’re really all of one heart when we get beneath the surface. With his dark good looks, wistful romantic style and an easy unassuming charm, Swayne is indeed a lover of life and an ardent suitor of the creative muse.

Garret Swayne’s humorous poke at love on the web is illustrated in this funny video clip
created by Flash animator Chris Dill.

Originally from Baltimore, Garret has traveled the nation and the world, performing for audiences in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia and even the former Soviet Bloc with his own brand of Americana. His songs are instantly familiar, like an old friend, and at the same time fresh, new and some are even humorous ― a reflection of Garret’s own upbeat personality.

On his debut CD, “First Glance,” Garret is unafraid to bare his frailties and inner demons, even voicing, perhaps, sentiments that some might consider politically incorrect. “It’s always been about the song,” says Garret. “I’ve always admired songwriting craft above everything else.”

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