Mad Men Party at Nic’s Beverly Hills

Mad Men Party at Nic’s Beverly Hills


Mad Men TV series comes to life as SingularCity guests enjoy a night of early 1960s-inspired fashion, food and fun at Singular magazine’s Mad Men cocktail party.

Mad Men Party at Nic’s Beverly Hills
This lovely vodka expert provides expertise and tastings inside the freezing cold Vodbox at Nic’s Beverly Hills. Photo by Bob Delgadillo.

The popular Mad Men TV series was the theme for Singular magazine’s cocktail party on Thursday, May 23 where 75 guests channeled their favorite Mad Men character and enjoyed Mad Men inspired cocktails, appetizers and the retro flavored décor at Nic’s Beverly Hills dressed in the style of the era, with men in jackets and ties and the women in 1960s-influenced cocktail dresses.

The party included a visit to Nic’s famous Vodbox, the ultimate walk-in, drink-in exhibitionist freezer designed solely for the enjoyment of vodka in its purest form. Before entering the Vodbox, SingularCity guests were provided with faux fur coats and hats to keep them warm inside the 28 degree freezer. Inside the shelves are lined with hundreds of bottles of vodka from all over the world. Each guest enjoyed an informative tour of the Vodbox led by a vodka expert who provided guests with tastes of rare vodkas.

Nic's Beverly Hills
Nic’s Beverly Hills

As party attendees met and mingled in the V-zone, the area just outside of the Vodbox, tray after tray of delicious appetizers arrived, including grilled pizza and zucchini with Moroccan olives and fried garlic; rosti potatoes with grilled shrimp; vodka cured salmon and grilled cumin crusted chicken skewers.

In keeping with the early 1960’s Mad Men theme, Nic’s offered guests a special $2.50 cocktail made with blood orange macerated vodka with citrus soda, a splash of blood orange and tangerine juice, poured over crushed ice. Other specials included “What a Nice Pear You Have” made with Grey Goose vodka, pear juice and shaved parmesan; “Screw the Driver” made with Russian Standard Platinum and  Valencia oranges and “Goose Me” made with Grey Goose L’Orange, orange curacao and lychee.

Many guests stayed for dinner, taking advantage of a 20 percent discount that was offered to SingularCity guests for all items ordered from Nic’s dinner menu.

“The party was off the hook,” said Albert Blondeel-Timmerman, a longtime member. “Everyone had a great time and lots of people told me it was the best Singular party to date.”

“I loved the restaurant and the food,” said Randee Reicher. “I made a nice new friend. I look forward to more.”

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High resolution digital copies of party photos are available from Bob Delgadillo at a minimal cost with special low rate for SingularCity members. For more information, contact Bob at

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