Love On The Rocks – Best “Worst Date” Winner

Love On The Rocks – Best “Worst Date” Winner


Kathy Sarreal (screen name: lovespell) wins a $300 gift certificate to RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen in Century City.

Kathy Surreal (screen name: lovespell) wins a $300 gift certificate to RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen in Century City

It was tough to pick the five finalists in our Love On The Rocks essay contest, and even tougher to pick the winner, but after much deliberation, the editorial team at SingularCity selected Kathy Sarreal and her story about her mistaken identity mishap as the worst date ever.

“I’m so excited,” Kathy said when she was informed she was the winner of a $300 gift certificate RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen. “It makes going out on that terrible date worthwhile. I feel like I’ve been rewarded for that horrible experience. I’m just thrilled.”

Kathy and her companion will enjoy an exotic dinner and drinks at this Southeast Asian fantasyland with its plum-and saffron-colored dreamscape of lush Eastern imagery, Burmese Buddha statues, gold leaf-overlaid columns and ornately carved teak panels. The bar area is one of the most stunning in Los Angeles with an open-air courtyard, and comfy sofas situated around fire pits — the perfect place to enjoy specialty cocktails and exotic treats.

RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen

Kathy works as a paralegal for an entertainment law firm in Beverly Hills and joined SingularCity last summer when a co-worker told her about it. “My friend Yvonne kept telling me about their events and how much fun their Happy Hours are – so I finally became a member. I think it’s terrific.”

Kim Calvert, the editor of Singular magazine and SingularCity, said it was tough picking a winner. “We have some really talented community members so the quality of the stories we received made it difficult to just pick one,” she said. “But what cinched it for Kathy was her willingness to take a risk and be vulnerable in front of the world. She was willing to write about a pretty embarrassing and painful experience.”

Kathy said she was just being honest about something that happened in her life. “There are very few things at this point in my life that I wouldn’t do because of my pride,” she laughed. “Stuff happens. As they say, if it doesn’t kill you, it just makes you stronger.”

Kathy added that she was really touched when she saw the feedback she received from SingularCity members and visitors in the comment section where the finalist’s stories were posted.

“I was so overwhelmed that people were so supportive. It really warmed my heart,” she said, “I’m really happy I found this web community. It’s a great place to be meet people, make friends and do fun things with other single people in our city.”

Kathy Surreal’s Winning Worst Date Story:

A budding producer asked me out to a special evening exhibit at LACMA with another couple. We met when he came in for a pitch meeting with my boss. Everyone I worked with was excited for me about the date, as we all knew he came from money (which would finance his future projects) and he was easy on the eyes.

On our way to the other couple’s house, he was friendly but reserved. He asked me about my job and then the lion’s share of the rest of the conversation was about my assistant, Kathleen. My name is Kathy. I’m Asian and Kathleen was the quintessential natural beauty from Boulder, Colorado.

When we arrived at the other couple’s house, he went to the kitchen with his friends and left me alone in the living room which I thought was strange. In fact, I felt a strange vibe when I was introduced to the other couple. I immediately heard laughter coming from kitchen. Given the conversation in the car, it dawned on me that he meant to ask Kathleen out. When they all came back to the living room, it became clear to me that I was the brunt of the joke. Mortified, I told the group I couldn’t make it to the exhibit and asked my so-called date to drive me to my car. On the way back, he confessed he made a mistake by mixing up the names and tried to convince me to go to the exhibit but I could not overcome the embarrassment from being ridiculed and being the WRONG date.

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