Los Angeles Dog Park Romance

Los Angeles Dog Park Romance


Find a playmate for your pooch and yourself at the dog park.

Los Angeles Dog Park Romance

In the ’60s animated flick One Hundred and One Dalmatians, single protagonists Anita and Roger meet when the leashes of their pooches, Perdita and Pongo, tangle up by chance.

L.A. doggie parks afford ample opportunity for similar encounters. If you’re single with a dog, Los Angeles dog parks may be the perfect place to not only exercise your pet, but find romance as well. So leash up your pooch (or borrow one) and head outdoors. Chances are both you and your furry companion will make unexpected friends at Silver Lake Dog Park (1850 W. Silver Lake Dr.), a dusty patch that draws dense crowds of neighborhood hipsters with four-legged friends in tow.

The much larger Runyon Canyon Dog Park (2000 N. Fuller Ave., Hollywood) has far more rugged terrain that requires being in reasonable hiking shape. This is the granddaddy of doggie parks in L.A., as trafficky on weekends as the 405 freeway is on weekdays.

There’s plenty of opportunity here to approach cute singles exercising themselves and their pups. (We’ve often spotted Famke Janssen, of Nip/Tuck fame, trudging up the path alongside us in the company of her Boston terrier, Licorice.)

By contrast, the Barrington Dog Park (333 S. Barrington Ave., Brentwood) with its neat divisions for small and large dogs, is a mellower and lower-key spot for Westsiders who adore man’s best friend.

Here is a list of other dog parks in Los Angeles.  Woof!

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