Leaders of the Pack: Spotlight on Brad Newman

Leaders of the Pack: Spotlight on Brad Newman


Brad Newman:
Group Leader for the SingularCity Yoga for Life group
Screen name: Zentainment
Neighborhood: Santa Monica

Chicago-bred entrepreneur Newman relocated to L.A. six years ago. He currently heads Zentainment, a web-based aggregator of sites committed to positive living solutions. A devoted yogi, he leads the Yoga for Life group at SingularCity.com

Q: How did you begin the practice of yoga?

A: I first embraced yoga when I moved to L.A. I met an amazing woman by the name of Michele McCall. I went to her yard sale in hopes of getting some artwork for my new place in Santa Monica. We hit it off immediately and continue to be close friends today. After we talked for about five minutes, she said I must try yoga, especially Power Yoga with Bryan Kest. I valued her opinion and she was right on! Bryan is one of my favorite teachers, and his classes have had a huge influence on my life.

Q: What is your favorite yoga pose?

I love inversions. I go upside down every morning and feel it’s a great cleansing and balancing pose. I was scared of doing a headstand for the longest time until Shana Meyerson (at Power Yoga) got me to face that fear. Now I love going upside down. I’m also a big fan of the Triangle pose and Warrior 3.

Q: How does the practice of yoga impact your daily life?

Yoga had had a huge influence on my entrepreneurial endeavors. It’s my intention to stay present throughout the day and make decisions with strength, balance and equanimity. Yoga has enabled me to live more in the present, which in my humble opinion is the meaning of life.

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