Kerry Grimes - A Singular Digital Duchess

Kerry Grimes – A Singular Digital Duchess


By Rachel Will
Chic Squad - Why settle for a geek when you can have a duchess?
The Digital Duchess computer consulting company was launched by SingularCity member Kerry Grimes, of Santa Monica, with the slogan “Too Chic to Be Geek” — a not so subtle jab at her Geek Squad competitors.

Grimes says she “kind of fell into” the IT business 15 years ago while working at a mortgage company. “We didn’t have an IT department, so I was promoted from executive assistant to IT department manager,” she says. From there, Grimes began moonlighting as the Digital Duchess on weekends, working 50-60 hour weeks, and slowly expanding her team.

Her business has grown to include a Digital Duchess uniform of a pencil skirt and pink vest along with a pink Mini Cooper she calls “chic, cute, and environmental.”

By starting what she says is the first all female technology consulting firm, Grimes hopes to create more opportunities for women in the IT industry. “I think women should feel comfortable and be able to excel in this industry, instead of hearing ‘Oh, a woman! We don’t see that very often!’”

Grimes recently saved the day for SingularCity member Valerie Bassett when her computer died. “She was able to retrieve all the data off of my hard drive and put all my fears at ease. She explained everything and is very cautious, conservative and did amazing work.”

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