Just a Dab Behind the Ears

Just a Dab Behind the Ears


Never underestimate your sense of smell.

Just a Dab Behind the Ears

It’s a well-documented fact that pheromones, naturally occurring sexual-attractor hormones, play a big role in the mating rituals of animals, but do they work in the human species as well?

San Francisco State University researchers set out to determine if women’s perfume, laced with synthetic hormones, increased the wearer’s attractiveness to men. Although the study only tracked 36 women, it showed that 74 percent of those wearing perfume with the pheromone saw an overall increase in three or more sociosexual behaviors, including kissing, heavy petting, sexual intercourse, sleeping next to their partner and more dates. In order of preference, top-rated brands are Pheramore, Human Euphoria, Pherone, Love and Desire and The Edge.

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