A Toast to Bubbles and Pearls

February 5th, 2017By Michelle Gigon

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but there’s nothing like Champagne and caviar to seduce the senses.

Taste Wine like a Connoisseur

December 15th, 2015By Michael Pariser

In five simple steps, you can learn how to use your sight, smell and taste to become a more adept taster ready to experience the wines of the world.

Surprising Facts About Beer & Wine

October 20th, 2014By Alex Hillsberg

Singles in Los Angeles – Next time you’re on a date and run out of topics of conversation, here’s some factoids about beer and wine that will keep the evening flowing.

Absinthe Minded – Blame the Green Fairy

May 21st, 2012By Michelle Gigon

Bohemian writers and artists sipped absinthe in search of inspiration. The romantic associations of “the green fairy” linger to this day.

Tequila Beyond a Classic Margarita

May 7th, 2012By Michelle Gigon

With premium tequila for sipping and imaginative tequila cocktails from creative mixologists, the classic margarita is facing some serious competition.

Cocktail Culture at LACMA

January 30th, 2012By Michelle Gigon

Ray’s and Stark Bar, on the grounds of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, creates its own collection of edible and drinkable art.

Scotch – A Singular Single Malt

May 8th, 2011By Michelle Gigon

Born in the highlands of Scotland, two top distilleries, Glenfiddich and The Balvenie, bring their best scotch for tastings in Los Angeles.

Sipping Tequila with Bertha Gonzalez

October 3rd, 2010By Kim Calvert

With her singular vision to create her own brand, the first female Maestro Tequilero is changing the way we think about tequila.