Did You Hear the One about the Rabbi and the Singular Shiksa?

April 4th, 2010By Kim Calvert

Not really a joke, but an interesting encounter between two very different people with an intense interest in the future of single people.

Stand Up and Be Counted

March 28th, 2010By Kim Calvert

When the results are in from the 2010 census, it will be impossible to deny the power of the singles demographic.

Churches Dismiss Singles Who Wish to Adopt

January 24th, 2010By Julia Duin

Despite the growth of single households and the growth of orphans worldwide, many Christian organizations refuse to support solo parent adoptions.

Is There a Place for Singles in Traditional Religion?

January 24th, 2010By Kim Calvert

Single people are one of the fastest growing demographics in the world — but declining rapidly in churches and synagogues.

Benefits and Laws Should Be Equal Whether Married or Single

October 5th, 2009By Michelle Goodman

Old ideas and unrealistic stereotypes about single people continue to create disparity in our country. The place of singles in society has changed rapidly, but the perception of who we are has not caught up and it shows in our legal system and workplace.

National Awareness Week Seeks to Change Every “Single” Stereotype

September 20th, 2009By Kara Spak, staff writer, Chicago Sun-Times

National Singles and Unmarried Week hopes to raise awareness of this growing segment of our population not only in America, but in the world.

Government Considers Pro-Marriage Campaign

March 22nd, 2009By Marva Marrow

Looks like they’re trying to use our tax dollars to convince us we need to get married

Cynthia Russell Wins Seat at the Obama Inauguration

January 12th, 2009By Marva Marrow

A heartfelt essay by Florida builder and single woman, Cynthia Russell, won her the first of 10 seats to attend the Obama inauguration celebration in Washington, D.C.