Single Christians in Today’s Church

April 22nd, 2013

Survey reveals that many churches do not meet the needs of a growing number of single members who struggle with being single in family-focused churches.

Staying Single When You’re Jewish

January 1st, 2013By Julia Duin

The pressure to get married runs deep in Jewish culture forcing single Jews to make tough choices about if, when and who to marry.

Marriage Fraud

May 28th, 2012By Bella DePaulo

Laws favor those who marry over those who stay single, leading some to commit marriage fraud so they can cash in on the matrimonial benefits.

The Dramatic Rise of Solo Living

January 30th, 2012By Kim Calvert

A new book, Going Solo, offers surprising insight on the emergence of a new single majority that prefers to live alone.

Single Population Continues to Grow

September 18th, 2011

Sept 18-24 is Unmarried and Single Americans Week – a good time to take note of the important role that single people play in our society.

Single and Searching for Health Insurance

September 5th, 2011By Diane Mapes

The high cost of health insurance is forcing some singles to marry just so they can get a “blue card.”

U.S. Census Confirms More Americans Are Single

November 14th, 2010By Bella DePaulo

As a growing number of people opt to live a singular life, reporters and scholars clamor to find a reason why.

Elena Kagan: Single Supreme Court Nominee

May 16th, 2010By Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.

The nomination of never-married Elena Kagan launched allegations that she must be gay, revealing ongoing prejudice about people who are single.