Kihon Sushi – The Fundamentals of Fine Fish

February 27th, 2018By Michelle Gigon

Erwin Angeles, head chef at Kihon Sushi in Long Beach, provides fresh fish fans with some of the finest sushi and sashimi in Southern California.

Tasting at Taste WBK

September 5th, 2016By Michelle Gigon

This intimate new restaurant in Long Beach excels in pairing food with the perfect wine or beer, creating a tasting experience you won’t want to end.

Tantalum Restaurant in Long Beach

February 14th, 2016By Michelle Gigon

This waterfront restaurant offers an Asian-inspired ambiance, exotic cocktails and a tantalizing menu that might inspire your finest flirting.

The Single Girl’s Guide to Brunch

October 20th, 2014By Michelle Gigon

There’s something about brunch and being able to eat and drink without the usual rules that go hand in hand with being single in Los Angeles.

Milo & Olive in Santa Monica

October 6th, 2014By Ira Israel

Single in Los Angeles? Who needs a city full of great restaurants once you’ve discovered one that serves up food exactly like you love – wholesome, healthy and truly fresh.

Open Sesame – Open the Magic Door to Lebanese Cuisine

June 30th, 2014By Kim Calvert

Singles in Los Angeles – “Open Sesame” are the magic words that will open your taste buds to the delicious experience of Lebanese cuisine in Los Angeles.

Dining at DOMA

February 10th, 2014By Michelle Gigon

Singles in Los Angeles – Careful or you’ll fall in love with the delicious food and pleasing ambiance at this Beverly Hills restaurant with its seductive menu from Chef Dustin Trani.

Library Alehouse Beyond the Beer

December 2nd, 2013By Kim Calvert

A beer lover’s favorite, this Santa Monica restaurant/bar on Main Street is pleasing palates with an improved menu while upholding its diverse beverage list.