It’s Unmarried and Single Americans Week!

September 18th, 2017

There’s an official week (Sept. 17-23) to celebrate – whether you call it single, divorced, widowed or not married yet, you’re among the fastest growing demographic in the world.

The Sound of Summer at the Hollywood Bowl

August 3rd, 2017By Michelle Gigon

Alfresco performances, playlists and picnics hit a high note at L.A.’s mecca for summer concerts.

A Toast to Bubbles and Pearls

February 5th, 2017By Michelle Gigon

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but there’s nothing like Champagne and caviar to seduce the senses.

Foundation ThinkAgain!

January 4th, 2017By Kim Calvert

This nonprofit organization created by SingularCity member Patty Kerrigan is helping kids that survive cancer get back into school and back on track for a successful life.

How to Find a Divorce Attorney

October 8th, 2016By Susan Landau

For some, divorce is an inevitable evil and who “wins” often depends on who has the best divorce attorney.

Tasting at Taste WBK

September 5th, 2016By Michelle Gigon

This intimate new restaurant in Long Beach excels in pairing food with the perfect wine or beer, creating a tasting experience you won’t want to end.

The Power of Female Sexuality

March 22nd, 2016By Steve Matoren

There’s nothing like classic burlesque to embody the tremendous sexual allure and appeal of a woman exercising her sexual power.

Tantalum Restaurant in Long Beach

February 14th, 2016By Michelle Gigon

This waterfront restaurant offers an Asian-inspired ambiance, exotic cocktails and a tantalizing menu that might inspire your finest flirting.