How Men Think

How Men Think


Hey ladies, you’ve had plenty of conversations with men on topics that had nothing to do with sex – or did you? There’s what he said and there’s what he meant.

How Men Think

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While all men think about sex all the time we think about plenty else too. But since sex consumes and dominates the male mind, naturally, women think that’s ALL we think about.

Even as a figurative monk, I still think about sex a lot, not in the traditional sense of needing it, wanting it and craving it. More like… I can’t believe how much time and energy I’ve wasted in my life devoted to needing it, wanting it and craving it. With all that said, here’s some common things men say to women, and what those things really mean.

  • “How’s the boyfriend?” Translation:  “I hope things are bad so I can finally have sex with you.”
  • “Your hair really looks great.” Translation: “I would love to run my hands through that while I have sex with you.” Most guys will take it further and think, “I can’t wait to wreck that beautiful hair.” (sexually speaking of course).
  • “You wear that dress well.” Translation: “I want to rip that dress off you and have sex with you.” This one also applies to “You look great in a T-shirt and jeans” or “That looks great on you.”
  • “Nice shoes.” Translation:  “Nice breasts.” or “Nice bootie.”
  • “You have nice feet.” Translation: “I want to suck your toes dry and lick the bottom of your foot clean.”
  • “Wow. That’s interesting.” Translation: “Damn. I wonder what she looks like naked? Or if we’ve already been naked with you: “Damn. I can’t wait to get naked with her — again.”
  • “Can I have your number?” Translation: “Will you have sex with me?”
  • “I’m sorry.” Translation:  “Can we please have sex now?”
  • “You’re a cool chick.” Translation: “I think you might actually have sex with me.”
  • “I want to get to know you better.” Translation: “I want you to get to know me better, so you’ll feel comfortable enough to get naked with me because I already know enough about you to get naked right now.”
  • “We care about our job.” Translation: “We care about our job that makes us money that helps us to meet women and get laid.”
  • “I love football.” Translation: “I really do love football, but you know what I love even more? Sex.”

While all of what we say to you ultimately leads to you undressing, that doesn’t mean we don’t also sincerely like how your hair glows or bounces as you walk, or find your shoes sexy and adorable, or that pretty dress you’re wearing to be flattering to your figure.  We do! We’re not lying when we say “We love your hair.” We genuinely mean it. There’s no deception or manipulative mind tricks being played just to get you to like us more.  It’s just that, we hope, our honest compliment will, in some miraculous way, lead down that wonderful path of pure unfiltered nakedness. That’s just how we are. Sex will always be attached to whatever file we email your way.

While all of the above is 100 percent non-fiction, men really are extraordinarily deeper than just thinking about sex. It’s just hard to believe because we’re SO into sex. But, if you’re brave enough to learn more, check out my blog.

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2 thoughts on “How Men Think

  1. FACT: The greatest male writers, artists, sports figures, politicians and leaders in history were more sexually active and perverted than your average man. Just because sex is a priority for men, doesn’t mean they’re incapable of greatness or looking at women in another way other than sex. The two are not mutually exclusive…I don’t recall the writer of the article stating “Sex is the only thing men are capable of thinking about”

    Hemingway, Picasso, JFK, Clinton, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain……/do-great-artists-have-more-sex

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