How Being Single Helps You Stay in Shape


The New Year always brings resolutions to get into shape, but if you’re single, you probably have a head start over your coupled friends.

If there’s anything that single people have over couples in love, it’s their fitness levels. Studies show that singletons are generally in better shape than their attached counterparts, especially those who are married. So, what is it about being single that helps you stay in shape?

Single people have more free time

You tend to have more free time when you’re not fully committed to another person and it’s exactly this spare time that single people use for activities like hiking, spin classes, or going to the gym. It’s not to say that couples can’t do any of that; it’s just that it’s easier to free up your schedule for a workout when you don’t have responsibilities at home or in your relationship.

Single people tend to eat healthier

Single people also have healthier eating habits compared to people in toxic relationships, according to a study cited by Bustle. It might be because single people have more time to cook and put more thought into the food that they eat.

Single people have stronger social networks

A single person is more sociable— so what? Well, it matters because current fitness trends are very community-based and involve a lot of social interaction. As a matter of fact, trying out fitness classes together has become a form of hanging out in our culture. It’s common to see groups of friends gathering at the nearest CrossFit gym, going on hikes, or trying out the latest dance craze together.

Single are more physically in shape

Settling down with a partner can result in partners becoming lazy and less likely to workout and stay in shape, especially if their partner isn’t the active type. The Independent noted that in a survey of more than 13,000 men and women between the ages of 18-64, researchers found that singles workout more frequently and kept in shape. There may be truth to the rumor that people who settle down ease into unhealthy habits.

Single people pay more attention to their appearance

While you’re still on the market, you tend spend more time grooming yourself including staying fit to look good. Everyday Health stated that this motivation may disappear  when you find your special someone and it’s natural to let yourselves go as a couple. Other responsibilities may get in the way, like starting a family and you may find it harder to squeeze in a regular gym session.

Being in a relationship shouldn’t impact your fitness levels, but it’s safe to say that singles just have more advantages in this specific area. Singular magazine’s previous feature on successful single athletes showcased that there might not be anything wrong with being alone, especially when it comes to your health. Those athletes showed us that you can fly high solo. You can also look at the latest celebrity news to see how many of them undergo drastic transformations when dropping a toxic relationship.

Former Bachelor in Paradise contestant Colton Underwood revealed that he gained at least 11 pounds on the set of the show as there was a lot of food present. Meanwhile, Ladbrokes revealed how Love Island runner-up Chris Hughes broke up with fellow contestant Olivia Attwood. A quick scan of his Instagram profile shows a six-pack and bulging biceps. Singledom really does some crazy things to our bodies and it’s the time to put your health at the center, giving it all the attention and care it needs.

Katie Schultz is a relationship and life coach who is a part-time fitness guru. She loves to impart her knowledge with others and in her free time enjoys hiking and biking.

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