Join us on Sunday, August 3 for a hike and pool-side picnic in Pacific Palisades.

Hike and Pool-Side Picnic in Pacific Palisades

Join us on Sunday, August 3 for a hike and pool-side picnic in Pacific Palisades.
Join us on Sunday, August 3, 2014 for a hike and pool-side picnic in Pacific Palisades.

This event is for SingularCity members only!

Join us on Sunday, August 3 at 9:30 a.m. for a hike on the Santa Ynez Trail in Pacific Palisades followed by a refreshing and relaxing pool-side picnic at the home of one of our members who lives at the base of the trail. You’ll only need to park once — easy peasy!

The hike starts in the lower part of the canyon, best described as hiking through a forest full of gorgeous plants and flowers. You may see few deer along the way.Then, the hike heads up a moderate hill and at the top, we’ll stop for a break under the spreading boughs of a spacious tree. Then, back down the way we came ending back in the forest. From there we’ll head over to our host’s home to relax by the pool, eat lunch and if you bring your swim suit, enjoy a refreshing dip.

Please bring a dish that does not require cooking or re-heating with enough to share with 8 people (not just a bag of chips please!). Our host will provide napkins, plates, folks and cups and canned sodas. Kim is bringing a cooler with ice. You can leave your food at our host’s home while we’re hiking.

If you would like to have alcoholic beverages, please bring something, keeping in mind how you would like to share and serve.

And of course, a swimsuit if you’d like to jump in the pool!

The exact address and parking information will be sent to SingularCity members who RSVP. Do that by logging into the private, social network and then RSVPing on the page for this event.

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