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10 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips


It’s that time of year where high calorie temptations are around every bend. We have some healthy holiday eating tips that will keep you in charge of your waistline.

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Battling the bulge often means fighting incessant hunger — or temptation. And this is especially true over the holidays, when even those with steely self-control are powerless as their will melts like whipped cream on hot apple pie. Despite all the goodies, at work and at play, we have 10 healthy holiday eating tips to keep you from greeting the New Year with “lose weight” on the top of your resolution list.

  1. Fill up with a bowl of hot, broth-based soup as a first course. It satisfies and will cut the edge on hunger without loading up on calories.
  2. Avoid sugary or creamy cocktails and opt for white wine or champagne. Calories from alcohol are going to burn first, before calories from fat or carbs, but at least you’ll cut back on the add-on calories that come with butter fat and sugary mixes.
  3. Start your day with a high-protein, low carb breakfast to stabilize insulin levels and keep sugar cravings from setting the tone for your entire day.
  4. Cut food into small pieces and savor the taste of each bite. Don’t put another bite into your mouth until you have finished the previous mouthful.
  5. Be sure to physically distance yourself from the munchies bowl. In other words, don’t mindlessly hover there, grabbing handfuls of nuts and chips while chatting.
  6. Take along baggies of cut apples, peeled baby carrots, dried apple chips, dried cranberries and other sweet or savory high fiber snacks and pop those in your mouth when you get a craving.
  7. Be sure to eat a snack or a meal before you head for the supermarket.
  8. Weigh yourself daily and plan or alter your food intake and daily exercise based on what the scale tells you.
  9. At holiday parties, focus on the real food instead of the treats. Fill up on the poached salmon, turkey, asparagus – not the chocolate cheesecake and sugar cookies.
  10. Keep moving. Yes, the holidays are a busy time but if there’s one time of year you can’t cut back on your walks, the treadmill or your visits to the gym, the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is it!

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