Why it's Good to be Single

Why it’s Good to be Single


You’ve likely heard plenty about how great it is to be coupled, so check out this fun list of 25 reasons why being single can actually be better.

Why it's Good to be Single

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Instead of throwing a pity party for one, keep singleness in perspective and celebrate the bright side of being on your own.

Here are 25 great things about being single:

1. You can go out with friends of the opposite sex without concern of making anyone jealous.

2. Ladies, you can wear comfortable clothes — and only shave your legs when you feel like it.

3. Gentlemen, you won’t find any “personal” items in your bathroom garbage.

4. When it’s movie night, your choice is the only choice.

5. You can spend as much time with your family as you want, guilt-free. And you don’t have to skip on your family’s Thanksgiving in favor of spending it with someone else’s.

6. Whether it’s dancing around the house to Miley Cyrus tunes, or pairing chocolate cake with Diet Coke, you can indulge in your guilty pleasures without being teased.

7. You don’t have to check in with anyone when opportunities for spontaneous fun pop up.

8. Your fridge is filled with the grocery items you actually like to eat, not someone else’s comfort foods.

9. You can order onion-and garlic-packed meals without fretting about your breath.

10. The remote is yours.

11. No one rolls over, snores, or otherwise interrupts your sleep.

12. You don’t have to defend your choices, tastes or schedule to anyone.

13. You can focus on your personal goals and pursue the things you love without having to accommodate someone else’s pursuits.

14. You can flirt shamelessly.

15. You have free time! Take that class you’ve always wanted to take, get caught up on your book list, or reconnect with an old friend.

16. You’re not tied down. Now’s the time to travel, accept a job transfer or get your master’s degree in another city.

17. Your life is free of the stress, bickering and insecurities that come with a relationship that isn’t the right one. It’s better to go solo than feel stuck in something that brings you down.

18. You can come home late and go straight to bed, no explanation required.

19. The French fries on your plate are all yours. Same goes for dessert.

20. You get to experience that thrill of a new crush.

21. Your identity isn’t wrapped up in someone else. Friends want to hang out with “you” the individual, not “you” the couple.

22. You can opt to stay in on a Friday night and not feel guilty that your choice is affecting someone else’s social life.

23. Singletons don’t have to dread the same “spread” that comes with the frequent eating out, ordering in, and, most likely, gym-skipping that comes with coupledom. You can eat well, take time for yourself, pursue physical activity on your own terms and choose to have a good night’s rest — regardless of someone else’s lifestyle and sleep patterns.

24. First dates are fun — and only single people get to go on them.

25. There are unlimited possibilities before you.

Special thanks to Jeannie Assimos, Managing Editor at eHarmony Advice for contributing this article to Singular magazine.

Your turn: what are your favorite things about being single?

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4 thoughts on “Why it’s Good to be Single

  1. One of the most wonderful side-effects for me (aside from those listed above!) is that I can redefine what I mean by “relationship” and thus deepen my friendships in ways that are nurturing and satisfying. There is a lot of freedom in not following the cultural coupling norm!

  2. I love having the bathroom and toilet to myself..Most men are handicapped and do not
    replace the toilet seat where it belongs after spraying all over the place..Their timing to ecacuate is always when you want to take a shower..
    They leave their clothes where they took them off. Last but not least, they never put things back where they belong! I have been living on my own for at least 35 years and love it..Last year, I had old neighbour stay with me while he was getting a separation from his wife and of course I inherited twice or three times a week, his boys who visited their father..Before my brother in Law was supposed to visit me, I finally asked him to leave after three and half months!
    It was suffocating me.My house, was no longer my house!
    I could not entertain or have any friends over!
    Now I can breathe again..Should have listened to what my mom used to say:” Guests are like fish. After three days it starts smelling and you have to chuck it out!

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