SingularCity Presents Glam in La La Land

SingularCity Presents Glam in LaLa Land with Camille Solari


SingularCity enjoys an evening at the Hollywood Improv with gift bags, networking, treats and a stand-up comedy show with Camille Solari and top L.A. comedians.

SingularCity Presents Glam in La La Land
Glam in LaLa Land producer Camille Solari with Kim Calvet, editor-in-chief of Singular magazine and creator of the SingularCity social network.

A group of talented comedians showcased their best material as Singular magazine and its affiliated social network SingularCity, presented “Glam in La La Land with Camille Solari” at the Hollywood Improv on Thursday, April 25, 2013, a show that followed two hours of networking among the 250 guests who RSVP’d to attend the event.

The first portion of the evening included a book signing and gifting by Sienna Sinclaire, author of “Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles.” Guests lined up to meet Sinclaire and get their autographed copy, grab a tasty cupcake provided by Tania Estrada’s Bottoms Up (liquor infused) Cup Cakes, be interviewed by RealTV, and to get samples of Beauty Nectar by Ashieda.

Everyone also took home a goodie bag stuffed with treats including Argan Oil shampoo from Nelson J Salon in Beverly Hills, a “Screaming O” toy, De-Carb GCX energy & fitness drink from Creation’s Garden, Physique tea, a glossy copy of Singular magazine and more.

Host Tammy Jo Dearen was the master of ceremonies with the first joke of the night. Her brash, hand-waving, fast-talking jokes and a dead-on impersonation of Gary Busey set the tone for an impressive line-up. No topics were off limits for the adults-only audience.

“I loved the eclectic humor, it’s not mainstream, which to me is the best kind of humor,” said actress Michele Santopietro (Law & Order, The Sopranos). “The show was quirky and all about making fun of Hollywood. Being in the industry, I can really appreciate it.”

Others to grace the Improv stage included Brenda Lamberty, Bill Santiago, and English comedian Rebecca Reid.

“Rebecca was sensational especially being new to comedy,” said SingularCity member Kishi Chahil. “British humor is different from typical American humor, so it may take time to get it but she’s quite funny. She’s laying down the groundwork for a promising career as a comic.”

Of course, everyone cheered as the show’s producer, Camille Solari, took to the stage with her take on the single life. Her eclectic personality sparkled with her tales of texting, dating and getting older in the youth-centric city of Los Angeles. One funny story delved into the crazy mishaps and misunderstandings of texting a new boyfriend that escalated to her proclamation, “I am not a desperate angry stalker!”

“It was so funny,” Yulia Idemenko said. “I literally cried.” Her friend, Elan Howell, agreed adding, “I haven’t laughed so hard in a very long time. My face hurt.”

Things just kept getting funnier with comedian Erik Griffin. Several female members of the audience were singled out as users (or non-users) of the “sexiest name” for a woman’s private parts. His true-to-life stories resonated with the audience and his set flowed seamlessly.

Terence Polite said he thought Erik was the best comic of the night. “He had the most substance and the audience related to him.” Polite said, and added that he thought the gift bag was a nice touch to a fun evening.

The headliner, comedian Jen Kober, got her laughs with a self-mocking “inside” lesbian humor that poked fun of her “Michelin Man” figure, “swimming in the lady pond” and her skinny girlfriend asking hypothetical questions such as, “What kind of tree would I be?” Her dynamic storytelling and animated voice had the audience rolling in the aisles.

Camille Copeland from Gardena said, “Awesome show!” She attended the event to see her favorite comedian Erik Griffin. “I am a big fan of Erik,” she exclaimed, “but now I am a fan of Jen Kober too.”

The event was a home run for Singular magazine readers and members of the SingularCity social network, as well as their friends.

Kim Calvert, the Editor-in-Chief of Singular magazine and creator of the SingularCity said it was definitely one of their best events. “It was great working with Camille Solari and her team to create this event and really rewarding to see Singular continuing to bring a much needed, fresh new view of what it means to be single in Los Angeles.

Copyright © Nadia Dulyn/2013 Singular Communications, LLC.

SingularCity presents “Glam in La La Land with Camille Solari” at the Hollywood Improv

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Nadia DulynSingularCity member Nadia Dulyn, born in the Big Apple, brings an authentic New York point of view to her writing along with her passion for understanding people and the misconceptions of a single lifestyle. She launched her first career as an Art Director in New York City and continues to freelance bicoastal. As a self-proclaimed oenophile and foodie, she is always looking for new places to tempt her palette both locally and globally. 
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