Relationship Advice from Zelda Bing

January 12th, 2020By Dr. Zelda Bing

Ready for the next must-have, self-help, find-love book? Comedian Debbie Kasper, as Dr. Zelda Bing, has lots of advice for lovelorn singles.

A Stage for the Single and Childfree

June 17th, 2019By Craig Wynne, Ph.D.

If you can make people laugh, you can open their minds to what they thought were truths in a whole new light — even something like not having kids.

Living Single, Samurai Style

November 1st, 2017By Terry Tae Chung

Samurai believed in self-discipline, respect and ethical behavior. Some of their principles might come in handy for single people living in a couple-centric world.

Too Young to be This Old

September 6th, 2016By Debbie Kasper

Just like all the other 76 million baby boomers in the United States, I’m in total denial that I’ll ever age.

Miss Chowcilla and Me

May 1st, 2016By Alexander Lehr

Beauty pageants, teenage boys and drive in movies – if only I had the confidence back then that I have now – what a different story I could tell.

Mixed Messages

November 15th, 2015By Alexander Lehr

It’s hard for a man to think clearly when a woman says one thing but means another and unspoken promises flow from her inviting lips.

“Just Friends”

November 1st, 2015By Wendy Adamson

From our new short story section: Why spoil a good thing? A friend is sometimes best kept a friend, even if one of them wishes it could be something more.

Relationship Status

October 12th, 2015By Craig Wynne

Sometimes what you think you want isn’t what you really want at all – and that includes a wife and kids.