Singular Poll: First Date Risks


A recent survey finds that a surprising number of singles who use Internet dating sites, arrange for a first meeting with an online date at their home. Do you?

First Date Risks
Proportion of singles who meet first dates at their home.

Despite the often heard warnings to choose a public place for a first date, many dating singles don’t take this advice according to a survey of 14,489 online dating site users in the United States and Europe.

Although 58 percent arrange for a first date in a bar, restaurant or other public place, 32 percent said their last first date took place in a private setting – most often, their own home.

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One thought on “Singular Poll: First Date Risks

  1. Oddly enough, it’s the booty call dates, the ones with maybe the most risk of all, that end up happening at someone’s home.

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