Featured SingularCity Member: John Manley

Featured SingularCity Member: John Manley


This member of our community for sexy, savvy singles fuses his lifelong passion for adventure and the scariest — and most fascinating — creatures of the ocean with his interest in working with kids.

Featured SingularCity Member: John ManleyJohn ManleyScreen name: JohnManley
Adventure Club Group Leader

Neighborhood: Redondo Beach

Q: Tell us about your background and your interest in adventure.

A: I’ve focused on the ocean since I was a kid growing up in Northern California. I studied marine biology — my graduate degree is in shark behavior. I always loved diving with large animals. For some reason, small fish never really did it for me; I always wanted to be with something big in the water whether it was manta rays or great whales or sharks. I also got involved with filming shark documentaries. Then I became a teacher and ran marine science-based camps for kids. About 10 to 12 years ago, I started a company called Team Shark,which specializes in taking kids on a boat to experience shark adventures. I’m currently a marketing account manager for an after-school and youth-based adventure company, Champions, that offers kids experimental learning through adventure programming.

Q: Are these disadvantaged kids or all kids?

A: It’s a combination of both. Champions got started with at-risk youth and that is still a forte of the company — something I am really passionate about. At Team Shark we worked with an at-risk program in Long Beach called Gear Up. Championsalso offers a fee-based program, for kids whose parents or school raise the money.

Q: You’re a single parent. How do you manage that aspect of your life?

A: My daughter lives with me. I co-parent very closely with her mother, who lives nearby. My daughter is almost 8 years old – she’s my world.

Q: Do you have time to date? Is that part of your life?

A: At first, I did, but in the last year or two, it hasn’t really tracked with work and a young child. Not dating was not really a conscious decision — it’s just how the last year or two have worked out. Through the SingularCity community, I can identify with people and share some of my interests.

Q: Why did you start the Adventure Club Group on SingularCity?

A: Because of my experience with the kids, I thought it would be interesting to see if a group of my peers would enjoy the types of activities I liked. This was the first time I’d ever started anything similar with a web community.

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