Surprising Facts About Beer & Wine

Surprising Facts About Beer & Wine


Next time you’re on a date and run out of topics of conversation, here’s some factoids about beer and wine that will keep the evening flowing.


If you can’t drink it, don’t cook with it,” so said the late celebrity chef, Keith Floyd, about using wines to flavor food. If the guy was still around, he’d agree that any of the top wine brands we’ve included in our infographic would pass his test for taste, he who loved to cook with a half bottle of wine because the other half, he already drank.

Wine isn’t the only alcohol you can use for cooking; in fact, marinating with beer not only tenderizes meat, but neutralizes carcinogens from burnt meat. Moreover, beer, surprisingly, has less calories compared to wine. Eight fluid ounces of beer has about 93 calories versus 200 for the same amount of wine. Why then, er… the beery belly? It’s likely because we guzzle more bottles of beer than we would glasses of wine in one sitting.

But this isn’t about cooking or health alone; the infographic will let you enjoy a round of facts and trivia that you can dispense with gusto during a drinking session. For instance, which do you think is older beer or wine? Or where do you find the oldest and still operational brewery and winery? Well, the oldest winery was founded in 1211, a century before Dante wrote The Divine Comedy.

If you think that’s really old, wait till you check the oldest brewery listed in the infographic when you click on the link. If you want some high-brow facts, impress your drinking buddies by pointing out the most expensive wines and beers ever. While you’re at it, feign business intelligence by mentioning that the U.S. has overtaken France as the number one wine market.

Link to open full infographic.


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