Everyone Wins at Beverly Hills Country Club Singular Tennis Event

Everyone Wins at Beverly Hills Tennis Event


Tennis is an excellent social sport for single men and women. If you don’t already play, why not take some lessons and come out for a SingularCity tennis event?

(L-R): Andy (Adventurous5), Kiolo, Gerardo (Garvi1) and Elisa (Elisa).
The endorphin rush from two hours of tennis exercise was apparent as the SingularCity Tennis Group transitioned from the courts to the private bar area for well-deserved post game wine, beer and snacks.

May gray skies and unseasonably cool temperatures didn’t dampen the spirits our players who spread out over four, high quality tennis courts at the Beverly Hills Country club, rotating with mixed doubles partners and also enjoying some singles games as well.

Dave Hicks (1tennisplayer) demonstrated his skill at ensuring that everyone could enjoy their games regardless of their level or experience.

(L-R): Crystal (trueblondeinla) and Tracy (Tracy).
Crystal (TrueBlueBlondeinLA) used the opportunity to introduce her from Finland, Kielo, to the SingularCity group. Gerardo (Garvi1), Anthony (BalancedBeing222), Tracy (Tracy), Dara (maetel999), Andy (Adventurous5), Tom Bunzel (Bunzel), Elisa (Elisa), Linda (itsdifferent4girls), Rob and Alan also participated.

The group enjoyed lively discussions in the bar following play. Linda Sherman was encouraged to write a book about her exploits in Japan. Tom Bunzel regaled us with the story of his new rescue kitten, Eva. Future tennis game promises were made.

Gerardo echoed the sentiment of many when he said, “This is such a comfortable, easy group. I definitely want to come back for more.”

(L-R):Linda (itsdifferent4girls), Rob, Dara (maetel999) and Tom (Bunzel).
We are fortunate in Los Angeles to be able to play tennis year round. Free SingularCity membership provides opportunities to participate in healthy exercise-related events that support the natural development of friendships. These include bike riding, mountain bike riding, hiking, running, yoga, snow sports, golf and workout groups.

I Heart Bicycles group leader Sarah Donohue (CyclingMovieGirl) is hosting a Surfside Bike Ride June 13.  Paolo Nana, former Mr. Italy and professional trainer, hosts a monthly Fun Fitness in the Park training sessions for SingularCity as a special benefit for SingularCity members.

Wish you’d made it to this tennis event? No worries. We will meet again later this summer. Details will be posted on the SingularCity events page.

If you have not yet visited the Beverly Hills Country Club, this is an excellent opportunity to see a venerable Los Angeles icon. Merv Griffin’s uncle, Elmer Griffin, launched this establishment in 1926. During the early years of the club, it wasn’t acceptable for most clubs to admit entertainers as members.

Well-known actors, such as Humphrey Bogart and Paulette Goddard were attracted to the club for its location between the MGM Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Studios. Redecorated and modernized over the years, BHCC boasts 10 lighted, hard court, championship-level tennis courts, three state-of-the-art gyms, an Olympic-size swimming pool and gourmet dining, but its historic charm remains intact.

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