EoD, LOL, LMK, TTYL, and of course, HNY…Huh?

EoD, LOL, LMK, TTYL, and of course, HNY…Huh?

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EoD, LOL, LMK, TTYL, and of course, HNY…Huh?

What does IT all mean? Well, their translations are, respectively: End of Day, Laugh Out Loud, Let Me Know, Talk To You Later, Happy New Year. But, underneath the literal definition is: I’m too busy to pick up the phone and speak to you directly so I’ll casually text, IM or e-mail acronyms when I feel like it or get a chance.

Don’t take it personally, it’s a digital world and the millennials are infiltrating. Embrace the new lingo, it’s sort of fun and the meaning “I am all thumbs” can actually be a compliment. Have you ever seen the way those two appendages can fly when someone is seriously texting? Seems that “a quickie” now means grabbing a moment to send a tender endearment via text. Nonetheless, it never hurts to have a conversation face-to-face once in a while.

Need translation for acronyms and smiley faces/emoticons? Check out these helpful sites:

Email Lingo Directory: http://www.rats2u.com/calendar_ef/calendar_email1.htm

Brief Email Primer: Learning the lingo: http://www.mcfedries.com/Ramblings/email-jargon.asp

Emoticons and Smiley page: http://www.muller-godschalk.com/emoticon.html

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