The Healing Power of Energy Medicine

The Healing Power of Energy Medicine


Auras, chakras, meridians and more. Can Western medicine learn something from practitioners who balance and activate the body’s natural healing energies?


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In 2009 my life seemed to be going great. I’d landed a high profile director’s position and was making more money than I’d ever made before. Physically, I was in great shape. I drank loads of green juices, did yoga and went for long hikes in the mountains to unwind. Then, all of the sudden, I started to experience some unsettling neurological symptoms — pain, dizziness and severe anxiety. It totally freaked me out. I thought I had brain cancer or an aneurism and was going to die.

The first thing I did was tell my primary care physician what was going on. Acting quickly, she ordered an MRI of my head and a series of tests. A week later, I was sitting in the exam room convinced she was going to tell me to get my affairs in order.

My doctor, a small Filipino woman with jet-black hair, looked like she just graduated from high school. When she walked into the room, her brow was creased as she flipped through the pages of my chart. My stomach was coiling in on itself.

“Well, Wendy, all your tests came back normal,” she said, looking up briefly. “You should be really grateful.”

I paused, sighed and replied, “I would be if someone could tell my why it feels like I’m being stabbed in the head with an icepick.”

“Well, perhaps if I put you on an antidepressant…” she said, “that’s been known to help.”

“No thanks, I think I’ll pass.”

Shari Geitzenauer energy healer topanga canyon
Shari Geitzenauer is a healer who uses ancient Maori techniques to treat her clients. Photo by Richard Lee
Smith, Jr.

Later, I confided to my friend about my lack of trust in a medical care system that thinks drugs are the solution for almost anything. After listening, she told me I might try an alternative route and suggested I go see Shari Geitzenauer, an energy medicine practitioner who lives in the Santa Monica Mountains.

On the day of my appointment, I was having second thoughts. What could this healer possibly do for me? I needed conclusive diagnostic testing, not some woo-woo, hocus pocus crap — but I went because I was getting desperate.

As I walked up the dirt driveway, I was met by Shari who was not at all what I’d expected. An ex fashion model, she has olive skin, exotic features and voluptuous figure. When she was in her twenties, Shari had a successful modeling career that took her all over the world. She moved to L.A. to pursue acting, but when things didn’t go as planned, she found herself in the grips of an intense emotional breakdown.

Somehow she heard about a man named Papa Joe, a Maori healer who, before he passed away, would come to the United States every six months to perform healings on people. The Maori are the native people of New Zealand and as part of their spiritual healing process use deep bodywork that can include the use of elbows, hands, knees, feet and stones. It’s said to be quite painful for those who are used to a softer, more coddling approach.

Shari said when she met Papa Joe, she knew immediately that she was in the presence of a highly evolved human being. “Papa Joe changed my life,” she said. “My energy was blocked and I didn’t even know it.”

After that first session, Shari began an apprenticeship with Papa Joe, studying the Maori’s ancient method of healing. She told me she was honored to learn these sacred techniques, passed down from generation to generation.

After Shari and I talked a bit more, she took me into a small room in the back of her house. The sound of trickling water came from a small fountain just outside the door. The scent of lilies hung in the air and chimes tinkled softly in the breeze. As I crawled onto the massage table, Shari turned on some soothing flute music. I closed my eyes and willed myself to keep an open mind.

“Breathe,” Shari said. “Just take a deep, deep breath.”

After a few moments Shari came along side me and put one hand on my stomach, the other on my heart.

“Your heart has been broken,” she said. “It feels like it’s encased inside a hard shell.”

OK, so I suppose I should have told her that besides having a bit of a rough childhood I never really got over my husband leaving me after twenty years of marriage. But who does? You just learn to live with it right?

Pressing firmly on my sternum, Shari’s hands felt like they’d been warmed in an oven. I grimaced and squirmed. For an instant I thought my fight or flight response would get the best of me, but I willed myself to stay put.

Moments later, I kid you not; it felt like a blackness was erupting from my chest. I began to cry, softly at first but before long I was sobbing. The tears felt like they were being pulled out of my sockets by the fistfuls. It was intense. When Shari told me to breathe into the pain, it just made me cry even more. After a two-hour session it felt like I had hacked up an emotional hairball of grief. I was unbelievably calm and peaceful. It was incredible.

Athena Schofield Reiki practitioner
Athena Schofield is a registered nurse and
Reiki practitioner in
West Los Angeles.

Since then, I’ve found that my more open-minded friends are swapping out therapy for healers as well. So I decided to talk to a couple of successful professionals who work in the realm of what’s called energy medicine.

Athena Schofield is a pretty blond Reiki practitioner and owner of Mind and Body Works. When we sat down in her cozy, dimly lit office in Santa Monica, there was a massage table on one side and crystals of various colors laid out on her desk.

Athena, who has a very calming presence, told me that during an hour session she will first use aromatherapy oils to help her clients relax and then places her hands above them or lightly touches them.

“Reiki works on the whole body, mind and spirit,” Athena said. “I use the universal life force to transmit energy through my hands to the individual. It’s about moving energy that may be blocked or stagnant.”

“But, but how do you know where they’re blocked?” I asked.

“I can sense it,” Athena said. “And each clients experience is different. Some have emotional releases, some feel their bodies tingle or jump, others feel relaxed, while others tell me it’s better than any massage they’ve ever had.”

The next person I talked to was a psychiatrist who also practices energy medicine. Dr. Eva Altobelli has short reddish-brown hair, trendy glasses and a strong handshake. When we met at Resolutions Therapeutic Services where she facilitates therapy groups, she invited me into a large room with lots of cushy chairs and a great view of the city. I asked how she came to use energy healing with her patients.

Eva Altobelli practices energy medicine in los angeles
Dr. Eva Altobelli is a psychiatrist who also practices energy medicine in Los Angeles.

“My journey into energy medicine started as a result of traumatic events in my life that eventually led me to seek alternative healing modalities,” she said. “I believe very strongly in the mind-body connection. Talk therapy and medication management can address some of the problems but we’re still missing an entire realm of intervention. Energy work is under-represented and undervalued. As a psychiatrist, I feel it is my responsibility to bring this to the attention of our medical community and to open up the discussion as well.”

Dr. Altobelli was so passionate and convincing I could have easily jumped into her next group session. Instead I thanked her and made my way onto a crowded elevator where everyone’s heads were bowed down, not in thoughtful contemplation, but to check their phones.

As I headed home, making my way through the hectic L.A. traffic, I couldn’t help but feel a little frazzled myself. But something always shifts when I hit Pacific Coast Highway and see the ocean and that strip of white beach. I let out a long sigh.

I realize that some people think that energy healing is just more New Age hype. I used to think that way too. Still, I think most of us accept that there are many mysteries in life we can’t explain. Energy healing worked for me. What if it worked for you?

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Wendy AdamsonWendy Adamson, a native of Los Angeles, has performed at Moth and is also a featured writer of true stories at Spark off Rose. With a career of helping those who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction she decided to pursue her lifelong dream and is currently writing a memoir that will reveal some of her colorful past. Stay tuned.
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9 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Energy Medicine

  1. Great article! But I do have to say that there are many health care professionals around that DON’T believe in “taking a pill for whatever ails ya”. I am a physician and I believe as well that there are much better alternatives to pills….. I so appreciate that Athena fully understands that as well. She has a medical background, but embraces these alternatives. She understands that it’s all about overall “wellness” – mind, body and spirit. Athena does exude warmth and positive energy, and has a passion for helping her clients. She is great at what she does!

  2. Great article, very well written and informative. We need more information about alternative methods of achieving health, both physical and emotional/mental. Ms. Adamson presents some of these alternatives in a thoughtful and positive light. Thank you.

  3. Athena is such an amazing person with great energy and always has a positive outlook on life! She is one of the hardest working women I know and has a passion for love, life, and fitness. She strives for excellence in everything she does and is one of the most loyal people I know. Not only has she helped me in life, but I have seen first hand how she she impacts her clients in the best way. She has passion for helping others and I am so lucky to have her in my life. Thanks Athena for making me a better person and for continuing to make others healthy and happy!

  4. Athena is well named. She is a wise woman, possessing a calm demeanor, framed by a beautiful heart. She is genuine – full of warmth and caring felt by all who come into contact with her. Her ability to succeed where others have failed is a testament to her skills and desire to sincerely assist those who are hurting and want to heal. I too recommend her to all.

  5. This article is a wonderful representation of alternatives beyond what we think of as “traditional medicine”. Having known Athena, of Mind and Body Works, for the past 10 years it warms my heart to see that her professionalism and her healing spirit are being acknowledged. Athena is a true professional, in the most warm and compassionate atmosphere. I highly recommend.

  6. I have known Athena for over four years and she has always ranked high in my opinion as one who has ultimate honesty, integrety and a true passion for her field. Athena has an inert skill that makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed when talking and sharing personal issues with her, that you really “want” to be with her, and feel that you can truly open your heart to such a caring person.

  7. The Greek Goddes, Athena, is the Goddess of many things, of which include: wisdom, courage, and inspiration. Athena Schofield lives up to her namesake and has been a true light in my life’s tunnel of difficult decisions and analysis paralysis. She’s helped me find an invaluable sense of calm, clarity, and confidence in moving forward with my aspirations. I am sincerely grateful that our paths crossed and highly encourage others to meet with her; she will change your life.

  8. Athena is amazing. She is so calming and has helped so many. Her integrity and passion for helping clients is such a tribute to her. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

  9. Athena exudes warmth and positive energy and has been very helpful to me in managing my fears and overcoming artificial barriers. I would recommend her to anyone!

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