Eight Things Women Do that Men Like

Eight Things Women Do that Men Like


Ladies, save money on those self-help books and dating coaches. These 8 tips are guaranteed to make him smile.

Eight Things Women Do that Men Like

There are entire sections of bookstores devoted to teaching women how to please a man and hundreds of relationship coaches who promise to reveal the secrets of the male psyche — for a price. Well, I’m a guy and I can tell you, we’re not all that complicated. Be kind, don’t criticize, don’t complain and as the icing on the cake, you might want to try one or more of these eight things you do, that we like.

8. The Gun Show

At the gym, men love when women are brave enough to cross the barrier between the cardio machines and the free weights. Yes, you look flawless in your yoga pants, but every once in a while, flex in the mirror and kiss those solid little biceps you’ve been working on every week; be proud of your guns. It speaks to the depth of your self-confidence.

7. The Erin Andrews Effect

Women who embrace their favorite sports, teams, players and ESPN broadcasts instantly hit a soft spot with guys. I’m not just referring to liking the team colors, how cute the players are, or knowing which players the Kardashians dated; I mean a well-rounded knowledge of the game.

When we ask for the score, if you instinctively answer, “Cubs are down 2, bottom of the 8th, but bases are loaded and Rizzo’s ahead on the count.” We’ll instinctively respond, “I love you.” Then give you a chest bump.

6. Shot Selection

More whiskies, brewskies, and Scotch. Less tinis, fruities, and Michelob Ultras. There’s nothing worse than offering a shot of Red Stag to a girl and having her snub you with a toss of her head and a roll of her eyes. Don’t be such a priss, throw it back, slam it down — then you can make your mean little face.

5. Hot Mama Theresa

Unconditional selfless behavior warms the heart of even the coldest men. You were the only one on the street to hand over a dollar to the malnourished homeless person. You gave some random, sloppy drunk girl a ride home so she wouldn’t drive. We may momentarily snarl because it’s an inconvenience, but trust me; your kindness instills an angelic image we’d love to tarnish when we get you back home.

5. Push Aside and Speak Up

I don’t know about other men, but I am not one to ask for help nor ask for directions or harass the server about the undercooked steak that’s still mooing in front me.  I love it when a woman takes it upon herself to ask for assistance or protest a service worker on my behalf, even if it may bruise my ego.

3. The Taylor Swift Effect

Sure Taylor Swift is gorgeous, but it’s her talent that makes her incredibly sexy. We love to be completely, utterly, jaw-droppingly impressed. Showcase your talents and passions even if it’s something as bizarre as baton twirling, movie quoting, or SIM creating. Anything that makes us say, “Wow. You’re really good at that.”

Look at volleyball champion Misty May. She isn’t exactly gorgeous by the Western definition of beauty, but her playing skills on the sand and multiple Olympic gold medals make her just as foxy as supermodel Kate Upton.

2. Nurse Betty

Even the manliest of men are rendered vulnerable and weak when flu season comes around. The seemingly invincible hulk you’ve grown so accustomed to is suddenly bed ridden; a wheezing, sneezing sally. It’s times like these when a woman looks extra beautiful when she walks through the door with a CVS bag full of medicine, soup, and fresh-squeezed orange juice.

1. Just Be You

There’s nothing sexier than fully embracing what makes you distinctively you. It’s so refreshing to see a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and not giving in, too much, to the pressures of perfection presented in mainstream media.

Don’t muffle that snort in your laugh, it’s kind of cute. Don’t douse yourself in perfume; we like your natural scent. Go ahead and keep wearing extensions though because long hair is hot — even if its horse hair.

Take it or leave it.


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One thought on “Eight Things Women Do that Men Like

  1. 1, 2, 3, 5 and 5 are ok. I guess I’ve got to work on my manly side. I do not do shots, you can watch the game with your pals and I do not like lifting weights (I do yoga and zumba). 5 out of 8 isn’t bad, right?

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