Discover China in Los Angeles with SingularCity on Sunday, February 5, 2018.

Discover China in Los Angeles

Discover China in Los Angeles with SingularCity on Sunday, February 5, 2018.
Discover China in Los Angeles with SingularCity on Saturday, February 3, 2018 starting at 1 p.m.

Have you always been fascinated by Chinese culture but too busy for a trip to Asia? Now you can discover the mysteries of the Orient without leaving Los Angeles when you join your SingularCity friends as we venture to the Far East – the east part of Los Angeles County that is, to the San Gabriel Valley, home of one of the largest Chinese populations in America.

Our adventure  begins with a tea tasting at Ten Ren Tea where we’ll be shown an authentic Chinese tea ceremony, do a tea tasting and learn how tea is an essential part of ancient Chinese culture. From there, we’ll fast-forward a few thousand years to trendy Wushiland (just a few steps away) to sample boba tea, the modern version of Chinese tea drinking that comes in a variety of fun, refreshing flavors.

Adequately hydrated, we’ll continue on to explore the San Gabriel Valley’s shopping epicenter for its Chinese residents, including the famous 99 Ranch Market, the huge, local Chinese market where we’ll find Oriental snacks and pastries such as sweet sour plum and pineapple cake and see what fresh fish really means to a Chinese shopper. We will visit a traditional Chinese herb pharmacy and stop in at many of the other shops to see their unusual and exotic wares — things that are common place in China, but mysterious and unrecognizable to those of us who have yet to travel to the Far East.  

When our appetite is peaked, we will sit down together for an authentic, multi-course dinner at Long Xing Ji where we will enjoy our fill of appetizers, main courses, rice dishes, steamed dumplings, vegetables and dessert.

Tickets are $30 for SingularCity members and $40 for everyone else.  Your ticket includes the tour, the tea ceremony and tea tasting, and the multi-course Chinese feast. 

Join SingularCity to get the $10 discount.

Tickets must be purchased in advance.

If you would like to join us, please email with CHINA in the subject line and we will contact you to answer any questions and provide you with an invoice to pay for your ticket.


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