Disarming My Fear of Guns


I grew up learning to be afraid of guns and I was, until I learned how to use one and in that process, separated the cultural mythology from the reality of the gun itself.

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Guns used to scare me – in an irrational way. I was told, as a child to never, ever touch a gun. Guns do terrible things. They kill people. Guns are bad and should be avoided at all costs.

My dad had one. It was a handgun that he kept up on a high shelf in the laundry room. I found it when I was about 5 years old. I knew, even then, it was a “bad thing,” so of course I wanted to touch it. I remember reaching out with my little hand to feel the cold, dark metal — much like one might reach out to feel the skin of a snake. I asked my mom if she knew we had a gun in the house and told her I touched it. Later that day, I heard harsh, hushed words between her and my dad.  The next time I climbed on a kitchen chair to see it, the gun was gone.

I continued to be afraid of guns well into my 30s. I’d see them on police belts, all black, heavy and chunky, and it caught my breath to think what those guns could do, how they had the power to kill people without getting close enough to smell them. Like everyone else in America, I frequently saw guns in TV shows, video games and in movies, and they were almost always in the hands of men, with only a few female exceptions. Guns were a guy thing and that made them seem even scarier — something that didn’t belong in the hands of a woman.

I had a boyfriend once, a cowboy type, who lived out in the country. One day I went to his house and saw a handgun lying on the coffee table. He didn’t scare me, but that gun – about a half-pound of steel – did. I asked him about it, feeling like it was a third entity in the room, like it could decide on its own to do something bad. If it made up its mind, it could rise up off that table and shoot us.

Now of course, that doesn’t make any sense. But that’s the point. I was irrationally afraid of that gun. I didn’t like seeing it and for sure, I didn’t want to touch it and I told him so – baffled that I was afraid of an inanimate object.

He suggested, and we decided together, that it might be a good idea to get a handle on this fear. So off to the gun range we went so I could learn about guns, how they work, how to load and unload one, how to fire one, how to safely handle one. And mostly, to learn that a gun doesn’t have a mind of its own.

Learning to shoot was both interesting and liberating because it took away the mystery that made me afraid of them. I haven’t touched a gun since, unless you count the shooting gallery at the amusement park, but I no longer see them as something that’s inherently evil. And even though I’m not likely to take up shooting as a hobby (much too noisy for my liking), I’m glad I learned that a gun is only as bad — or good — as the intent of the person who fires it.

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One thought on “Disarming My Fear of Guns

  1. Excellent article … you put into words my own lifelong “irrational” fear of guns – also feeling like an inanimate object could have a mind of its own and just rise up and shoot itself. And overcoming the fear by learning to use them. Thank you.

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