Dating Site Photo Protocol


Single ladies, please stop posting all those photos on your dating site profiles of anything and everything but you.

Dating Site Photo Protocol

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I want to address something I’ve observed about the photos that single women are posting on dating sites. And to be clear, I only look at the women’s profiles, not the men’s — so that’s all I can attest to here.

It’s bad enough that women post pictures that are several years old, and for the most part, have no resemblance to current reality, but come on ladies; we want to see photos of you. We don’t want to see photos of your dog or cat, parents, children, grand kids, cousins, sisters, brothers, friends, artwork, inanimate objects and landscapes.

It seems to be getting worse, whether it be Match, Jdate, OkCupid, Our Time, POF, etc. The only thing I can imagine is that women looking for love are using dating sites as if they were social media sites — so anything goes. It muddies up the waters and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m not the only man that sees it that way, sailing past profiles overloaded with photos. One profile had a photo of 10 people in a picture that looked like it was taken at a wedding reception. Which of the 10 people in the photo was you and what does that photo tell me about you?

To prove my point, take a look at these examples from five or six well-known dating sites.

Here we go – are you ready?


Here are a couple of cute dogs. Bet “their” person loves them more than they will ever love a man and that he would never be able to sit on that chair. Can you imagine them also in the bed… guess the guy can always have fun petting the dogs after you fall asleep.


A nice back-lit picture of someone standing in the rain. Is she walking away from someone or is this an ad for a product?


Some very nice art but I can go to a museum or art gallery and take pictures too.


I love the sailboat picture. Nice day, calm sea. I could have copied that from a boating magazine website.


A postcard on your dating profile? To me, this looks like she’s trying to say that there’s more than just the house that’s about to slide off the edge.


A cheerleader team from the 60s. Okay which woman in the photo belongs to the woman with the dating site profile?


Does this woman think that everyone loves a walk on the beach at sunset?


I think a helicopter ride on a glacier is interesting but “where’s the beef?”


Oh my, gosh shoes! What am I learning about the person with this photo of four different shoes? That she has a problem pairing up?


To finish it off, a beautiful photo of some ruins; maybe in Greece, I have no idea. My guess is that the woman looks like that too.

See what I mean? These pictures tell me absolutely nothing except that the woman knows how to upload photos to a website. How about posting a current full body shot that is close enough to see what you really look like along with some head shots? I don’t need a profile with 20 pictures of other things. It’s okay if the pictures are just of you.

And please don’t make us guess what you really look like and keep the pictures current, not 10 years old. It would be nice to list an accurate age too – would that be too much to ask? No wonder people are disappointed and tired of the dating game.

Oh, and one more thing. Forget those cute animal pictures. If I wanted to meet a dog I’d go to the pound… but come to think of it, I bet there’s more love to be found there. But you never know, maybe on the sail boat, trying on shoes on a beautiful sunset evening somewhere on the Mediterranean.

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Joel SalzSingularCity member Joel Salz says he’s still looking for his “last first date.” Divorced after 22 years of marriage, Joel took an early retirement from the aerospace industry where he directed corporate business operations. He describes himself as a chocoholic who enjoys wine tasting, movies, weekend getaways and volunteering with the local Community Emergency Response Team. He would also like to point out that his photo really does look like him.
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One thought on “Dating Site Photo Protocol

  1. I totally agree. I get turned off and move on when I see pictures of women with their dogs, cats, other shared photos. Sometimes it is difficult to tell who is the dater when you see a mother/daughter photo or girlfriend included.

    Could it be that some of these women are not confident to stand alone in a picture? Since women are extreamly more social than men, could it be their mindset to show they have a social network instead of being truely alone?

    Men want to see the woman for who they are and not a deterant or montage of other scenary.

    Get rid of the animals, friends, and family and show your beautiful self.

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