Dating in the Dark

Dating in the Dark


Love ends when the lights come on in this new summer reality show on ABC.
Dating in the Dark - Love ends when the lights come on in this new summer reality show on ABC.
You may have heard “love is blind,” but this summer’s latest entry into the reality television melee takes the term to a new level. ABC’s Dating in the Dark tests contestants on the limits of their superficiality. Each week, three single women and men meet each other in complete darkness. After days of interacting in the dark (including some awkward smooch scenes) the lights come on and contestants see how their interest holds up when they can actually see who they’ve been flirting with.

The show, hosted by Rossi Morreale, poses a novel social question: how much do looks play in finding love? Although Dating in the Dark contestants spend hours conversing in pitch black with their prospective love interests, the show hints there will be devastating rejection once their identities are revealed — something a juicy summer reality show is sure to deliver. (You’ll see all, thanks to the infrared cameras.)

The idea of dating in the dark is hardly a fresh idea, however. Reality shows like VH1’s Rock of Love, have already toyed with the concept, sending contestants in one episode on a dinner date in total darkness. It’s even something a few dating services have offered, providing totally dark venues for first dates staffed with waiters wearing night vision glasses.

Tune into ABC Monday (7/13) at 10 p.m. to see if this idea lights your fire, or leaves you in the dark.

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