Dance Your Way to Ecstasy

Dance Your Way to Ecstasy


Dance your way to ecstacy
When you think of dance these days, the ballroom routines of Dancing With the Stars tend to pop into mind — not grooving to the beat of your own drummer. But you don’t need foxtrot or waltz lessons to get down, let loose and feel exhilaration.

Devotees of an international free-form “movement realization experience” called Fumbling Toward Ecstasy exalt that idea. They know dance can be one of the most liberating forms of self-expression — even for those who can’t cha-cha to save their lives. In classes at Venice and Culver City locations, this group of enthusiasts twirl and slide, leap and sway, learning to unabashedly express themselves.

An instructor uses recorded and live music to alter the theme, tempo and moods and to guide participants in discovering their unique interpretation of personal dance. It’s a darn good workout, too.

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