Covenant House California, Hope for L.A.’s Homeless Youth

Covenant House California


Covenant House California brings hope to the homeless youth of Los Angeles, reaching them on the streets where they live and offering to help turn their lives around.

Covenant House California

“Runaway” by Alvin Valles. © Valles Photography/All rights reserved.

Homelessness is so widespread in our Los Angeles urban landscape that it’s no longer shocking to see a human being, feet wrapped in old newspapers, sleeping in a dirty doorway. Some can even rationalize these people want to live like this. But what if the person in the doorway is still at that fragile age when they’re no longer a juvenile and not yet an adult?

Unfortunately, homelessness for young adults is a common problem in our country. The foster care system cuts them off when they turn 18 and many don’t have the life skills they need to get a job, find an apartment or handle adult responsibilities. Others have left abusive homes, are runaways, or their guardians ordered them out of their homes. For whatever reason, they find themselves on the streets, in need of food, shelter, medical care and a chance to get their lives straightened out, before it’s too late.

Step in Covenant House California, the only facility of its kind to helps homeless youth between the ages 18 -21 in the greater Los Angeles and in Oakland/East Bay area. Since opening its doors in 1988, Covenant House California has helped over 160,000 homeless, trafficked and at-risk youth, young people who are often trying to escape a life of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, neglect or violence and invariably suffer trauma from living on the streets.

To see Covenant House California at work, watch this video:

To get an idea of what Covenant House California accomplishes in a given year:

  • reached out to 16,215 youth living on the streets
  • served 154,514 meals to hungry kids
  • provided more than 46,000 nights of care in their shelters
  • provided 1,781 medical visits
  • placed 112 youth in job training or internship programs
  • assisted 119 youth secure jobs
  • helped 223 youth enroll in educational programs, high school or college

Their doors are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but they need your support in order to continue to provide services free of charge. Your support is always appreciated and can make the difference in saving a life. To donate, please visit their website at: or call: 1-866-COV-DOVE.

Covenant House California is always looking for committed and compassionate individuals to volunteer in their offices, at special events, and to serve their youth as mentors, tutors and activity assistants. Community and corporate groups can also arrange to sponsor and serve a weekend meal or help with work projects on the CHC campus.

Individuals and groups can also arrange their own off-site fundraising events (carwashes, dinners, benefit birthday parties) to benefit their programs. For ideas on how to implement your own benefit for CHC or more information on volunteering, please call 323-461-3131.

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