Beating the Graying Game

Beating the Graying Game


Nelson j Salon in Beverly Hills introduces a Color Touch-Up Bar — an affordable and quick solution to cover gray roots and keep hair color fresh.

Beating the Graying Game
Celebrity stylist and “root specialist” Nelson Chan, founder of Nelson j Salon in Beverly Hills, with me – looking much better after he touched up my hair color.

I’ve been dabbling with my hair color since I was old enough to buy a box of L’Oréal at the drug store with my babysitting money. I’ve been a redhead, platinum blonde and brunette, been highlighted, frosted and streaked. A few times I’ve even had spots instead of stripes, gun metal gray instead of black – along with vows to never, ever color my hair myself again.

But now that I’m a bit older with the additional challenge of silver threads sprouting among the dark roots, it’s become harder to resist the ease and convenience of “out of the box” hair color to keep those gray hairs at bay. And even though blonde with dark roots is fashionable in some circles, that spirited statement is lost when those dark roots are mixed with gray.

Well, now there’s a solution that won’t break your bank or require a half day at the salon. Celebrity hairstylist and “root specialist” Nelson Chan, the 37-year-old founder of Nelson j Salon in Beverly Hills, has created a technique to get those pesky roots handled quickly at a reasonable price.

Fortunately, I found out about Nelson Chan and the Nelson j Salon from a friend – just as I was tottering between haphazardly doing my roots myself, or paying the outrageous $75 my regular stylist charges just to cover an inch of new growth! Nelson recently introduced a new feature at his salon that he calls the Color Touch-Up Bar, so I decided to find out if it might be a workable alterative to doing it myself or bucking up for the standard salon root job.

Before the Color Touch-Up Bar: dark roots, gray, and over-highlighted, dry, brassy hair.
Before the Color Touch-Up Bar: dark roots, gray, and over-highlighted, dry, brassy hair.

After showing me around his full service salon, that offers everything for hair as well as makeup, massage, manicures — the entire spectrum of beauty and pampering services — Nelson sat me down in the chair to talk about my particular hair color challenges.

If you go to see Nelson yourself, this is a great opportunity to consult with a top hair color specialist who will listen to what you want, but also advise you about what will look best with your eye color and skin tone, as well as what will work best for your lifestyle. For me, I needed something quick and affordable. I like being blonde — but I also wanted to find out, in his opinion, what was the best color for me. My natural color is light brown that I’ve highlighted with blonde, the roots on top are mixed with gray, the hair on the sides (I confess) is full-on white. My last highlighting took me a bit too far into the land of blond and we both agreed a few low lights would give me a more natural look.

Then we began. Nelson explained that he would use two different formulas to address my two different root growth issues. For the hair growth on top, he would use Aveda all natural professional hair color that would lift the color a bit while covering the gray, and for the growth on the sides, another Aveda formula that would deposit color to the color absent hair. To address being too blonde, Nelson added a few foils of a rich caramel color to tone down the brassy yellow.

Love my shiny, natural new blonde hair from Nelson j Salon!
Love my shiny, natural new blonde hair from Nelson j Salon!

Nelson says he uses Aveda hair color because the ingredients are natural and gentle, but affective. There are no harsh fumes or nasty chemicals washing down the drain. In fact, Nelson is very environmentally conscious, preferring natural products, including his own line of hair care products that minimize the use of plastic bottles — like his shampoo conditioner: one step, one bottle.

Once he covered my roots with the two different Aveda formulas, he brought out a special heat lamp from Japan that resembled a big silver halo. As I grabbed a 15 minute cat nap, the silver halo rotated around my head emitting comforting, cozy heat rays that lulled me to sleep while my roots soaked up the color.

Well, I have to say I’m a satisfied customer. The gray is gone (at least for a few weeks) the overall color is more natural and my hair is shiny and healthy. And with the affordable price and quick turnaround, I’ve found a convincing reason to put down the grocery store hair color and stop by Nelson J’s Color Touch-Up Bar to get it done right – for a change.

Color Touch-Up Bar at Nelson J Salon

Base Color Retouch – covers gray and new growth

Partial Sun-Kissed Retouch – lightens re-growth of dark hair

Each service is $49 (does not include blow out) and requires 15 minutes.

The salon is located at 350 N. Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills, CA.

For more information call 310-274-1553.

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