Caviar to Go at LAX

Caviar to Go at LAX


New Petrossian caviar bar at Los Angeles International Airport’s Tom Bradley International Terminal provides an oasis of luxury for international travelers.

Petrossian Caviar Bar LAX
Artist rendering of the new Petrossian caviar bar, which opened at LAX in December.

Finally, the perfect excuse to buy that round trip ticket to Paris: the new Petrossian caviar and champagne bar located behind the security check point at Los Angeles International Airport inside the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Isn’t it about time there was something more palatable to eat at an airport than gooey Cinnabons washed down with Starbucks? Any self-respecting singular would certainly prefer to savor the world’s finest caviar with a glass of champagne selected from Petrossian’s extensive bar menu. With over 20 vodkas and top shelf champagnes to pair with an extensive selection of international varieties of luxury caviar, this oasis of sophistication recalls an era when airline travel didn’t resemble getting on a bus.

Petrossian Caviar Bar LAXSurrounded by the  stylish white and teal décor, you can  relish such items as Petit Petrossian, 12 grams of Transmontanus caviar served with classic accoutrements and blini; the Cutting Board, which includes cured meats, cheeses, mustard, quince jam, house-made pickled vegetables, and honeycomb; the Smoked Fish Platter of sturgeon, halibut, salmon carpaccio, sardines rillettes, whitefish salad, and trout dip served with crème fraîchè, lemon, caperberries, and toast points; Caviar Flatbread topped with crème fraîche, chives, red onion, capers, and chopped egg; or the Roe Sampler of pike, trout and salmon roe served with toast, blinis, and crème fraîche.

Even if you don’t have time to linger, stop in to pick up a “Caviar in the Air” picnic pack, which includes a choice of caviar — such as Tsar Imperial Ossetra — blinis and crème fraîche presented in an insulated carry-on Petrossian pouch. (Then watch what happens when your aisle mate asks the flight attendant for what you’re having.) Additional gourmet meal “to go” options include a selection of Parisian-smoked salmon and charcuterie for enjoyment at 35,000 feet.

For jetsetters looking to purchase last minute gifts or gourmet culinary memento, a selection of Parisian-smoked salmon, smoked sturgeon, and smoked scallops; charcuterie such as Berkshire Pork Truffle Salami, Duck Salami, and French Basque-style Sausage; and French candies like Pate de Fruits, Calissons de Provence, Cognac Pearls, and Chocolate with Orange Nougat Bar are available for onsite shopping.

Not planning to travel soon? No worries. Although it’s not quite as exciting as a trip to Paris, you can still indulge your longing for fine caviar at the Petrossian located at 321 North Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood.

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