Cavalia’s Odysseo

Cavalia’s Odysseo


The white big top is back in Burbank with a brand new Cavalia show from Normand Latourelle that celebrates the bond between humans and horses.

Cavalia’s Odysseo
The grand finale of Cavalia’s Odysseo, now playing in downtown Burbank.

As billboards all around Los Angeles attest, Cavalia is back in town with a new show named Odysseo that raises the bar on previous productions with its unique ode to horse and man in a visually dazzling show that unites the equestrian arts, astounding acrobatics and high-tech theatrical effects.

Normand Latourelle, founder and artistic director of Cavalia, has earned a worldwide reputation for his ability to create innovative productions that leave audiences, of all ages, wide-eyed and profoundly touched by the relationship between man and horse.

This new, two and a half hour production takes the audience on a journey across the planet, celebrating the unique bond between human and horse through time and space — from one continent to the next.

Cavalia Odysseo Four Horses
Oasis. Photo by Pascal Ratthé.

One unique aspect of Cavalia is that the horses are trained with a humane, natural approach that is based on positive reinforcement. Traditional training calls for horses to be dominated and coerced into behaviors, but the horses in Cavalia are allowed to make mistakes, be horses, and enjoy the experience of performing because they are asked to do certain behaviors, not forced and never punished.

Cavalia founder Latourelle says, “I’ve learned a lot about how the horse can be a speaker on behalf of nature,” he says. “If you are brutal to a horse, just like if you are brutal to nature, you will suffer the consequences. But if we go slow, if we follow the natural rhythm, if we respect it, we can feel it get close to us and we can develop this wonderful relationship and bond.”

The human performers are just as amazing as their equine partners, and at times, those wearing “urban stilts” leap higher than the horses, defying the laws of gravity. In this new production, a multi-talented troupe of acrobats from Guinea, West Africa introduce the audience to their native culture with pounding drums, dancing and leaps that recall antelopes bounding across the Sahara.

Cavalia Odysseo White Horse in Water
The Travelers / Les voyageurs. Photo by François Bergeron.

The 30-million dollar show is performed under a football field-sized white big top tent and includes a cast of 67 horses and 45 acrobats, riders and musicians that perform in front of a high-definition video backdrop that’s equal to three IMAX screens. Highlights include a carousel that lowers from the top of the tent and the show culminates when an 80,000-gallon lake suddenly floods the stage.

A total of five white tents comprise the Cavalia Odysseo village, including the Big Top where the show takes place; a Rendez-Vous tent that hosts VIP ticket holders; the warm up tend where horses and riders rehearse; the stable tent; and a staff kitchen tent where 600 meals are prepared every day.

Ticket prices for Odysseo range from $49.50 – &159.50 (depending on proximity to the stage and if it’s a weekday or weekend), but for the ultimate experience and the perfect date night, the Rendex-Vous VIP package includes the best seats in the house, dinner prior to the show, an open bar, dessert at intermission in the exclusive Rendez-Vous tent, a photo opportunity with the artists and an after-show tour of the stables. The VIP ticket price for adults ranges from $219.50 on a weekday to $269.50 on the weekend.

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