Single Parent Adoption – A Growing Trend

June 19th, 2011By Jane Ganahl

The old idea that single people should not be allowed to adopt is being put to rest as the single demographic grows and attitudes begin to change.

The Future of Men

August 8th, 2010By Michael Taylor

Re-defining the traditional roles of men in our society has the power to change the world.

Eggs On Ice

April 11th, 2010By Tina Dirmann

Can reproductive technology finally stop a woman’s biological clock?

Churches Dismiss Singles Who Wish to Adopt

January 24th, 2010By Julia Duin

Despite the growth of single households and the growth of orphans worldwide, many Christian organizations refuse to support solo parent adoptions.

World’s Greatest Dad

August 10th, 2009By Rachel Will

SingularCity reviews Robin Williams’ new movie about a single father.

Single Parents — TV’s new sex symbols

April 20th, 2009By Marva Marrow

A new trend is happening in mainstream entertainment — single parents have become a hot commodity. TV shows and the gossip rags are portraying them as glamorous, appealing and independent.