Clock is Ticking for IRA Contributions

March 22nd, 2016By John Ellis, CPA

It can be hard to divert your hard earned cash into a retirement plan, especially when you’re single, but investing now will pay off big in decades to come.

What About A Singles Discount?

January 24th, 2016By Beverly Hoback

If anyone deserves a price break, it’s singles because they pay all the bills. So what’s up with all these “couples discounts” while singles pay full price?

If Something Happened to You Today

September 13th, 2015By Jason Collis

Living wills, power of attorney and estate planning seem far off, but it’s especially important to have in place when you’re single.

Redefining Retirement

August 10th, 2015By John Hazlehurst

What our parents considered “old” will be “midlife” for us – with an opportunity to explore a new career instead of just retiring.

How to Avoid Cyber Criminals

March 23rd, 2015By Shaun Murphy

Founder of Private Giant, a new company that protects consumers from the growing number of hackers and data miners, has tips to keep your data safe.

Five Retirement Tips for Singles

July 14th, 2014By Jacob Gold

Living Single – It may seem impossibly far off, but it’s never too soon to start planning your financial future, especially when you are single.

Spending Money (or not) When You’re Single

June 16th, 2014By Kim Calvert

Living Single – There are lots of stereotypes about single people, but what about the one that says that single women are cheaper than single men — is it true?

Tips for Booking Hotels Online

April 7th, 2014By Tom Bunzel

Living single in Los Angeles and responsible for paying all the bills? A singular penny pincher has great tips on how to save big when booking hotels for your next vacation.