Insurance – Do You Have Enough?

September 17th, 2016By Kristin Noreen

Most of us want the legal limit, we want to save a buck or two, but paying a lower insurance premium now could cost you a lot later, if you’re underinsured.

The Reality of Retiring Single

August 18th, 2016By Bruce Helmer and Peg Webb

Proactive planning can help you be ready for whatever challenges you may face in retirement and that’s especially important if you’re single.

Tax Breaks for Singles

July 17th, 2016By

Much of the U.S. tax code favors those who are married, but if you’re single and qualify as head of household, you may be able to save money on your taxes.

Internal Revenue Service Impersonation Scams

June 21st, 2016By John Ellis, CPA

The IRS might have a bone to pick with you, but if they do, they’ll send you a letter, they won’t call you on the phone.

How Single People Get Screwed

April 15th, 2016By Kim Calvert

Dare to be an unmarried adult in the United States and you’ll pay the price with higher taxes, higher insurance premiums and institutional discrimination

Clock is Ticking for IRA Contributions

March 22nd, 2016By John Ellis, CPA

It can be hard to divert your hard earned cash into a retirement plan, especially when you’re single, but investing now will pay off big in decades to come.

What About A Singles Discount?

January 24th, 2016By Beverly Hoback

If anyone deserves a price break, it’s singles because they pay all the bills. So what’s up with all these “couples discounts” while singles pay full price?

If Something Happened to You Today

September 13th, 2015By Jason Collis

Living wills, power of attorney and estate planning seem far off, but it’s especially important to have in place when you’re single.