The Healing Power of Energy Medicine

June 28th, 2015By Wendy Adamson

Auras, chakras, meridians and more. Can Western medicine learn something from practitioners who balance and activate the body’s natural healing energies?

Detoxing — The Right Way

May 17th, 2015By Ricardo Miranda, L.Ac.

Are you absorbing toxins faster than your body can remove them? It will take more than a detox product to keep your organs clean and working at peak capacity.

Being Single, with Cancer

April 20th, 2015By Tracy Maxwell

A diagnosis of ovarian cancer taught this single woman that her relationship status didn’t mean she had to face the challenges that lay ahead alone.

Oh, My Aching Back!

February 9th, 2015By Kaixuan Liu, M.D.

The problem could be degenerative disc disease — a medical term for what happens when the shock absorbing cartilage between the vertebrae wears out.

Oxytocin – The Original Organic Love Potion

September 7th, 2014By Rick Ruiz

That swirling, heady high that comes when we fall in love may be caused by oxytocin, a hormone generated by our own bodies.

Tired and Wired in Los Angeles

June 30th, 2014By Ira Israel

When you’re single in Los Angeles, getting more and doing more is the cultural status quo – the busier the better – but at what cost?

Sleep – The Best Kept Secret in the Bedroom

June 23rd, 2014By Vari McNeil

Everyone talks about the importance of a good diet and exercise, but what about sleep? The secret to better health may be just under the covers.

Vain about Veins?

April 28th, 2014By Judy McGuire

Summer is here and it’s time for sun dresses and shorts. Don’t let spider or varicose veins keep your legs under wraps instead of basking in the sun.