Healthy Eating for One

February 18th, 2020By Art Kress MS, RD, LDN

No time to cook? Resolve to bypass the processed and fast food junk by trying some ideas that will make healthy cooking at home easy and even fun.

Older Singles Aren’t Always Lonely

February 18th, 2020By Cathy Goodwin

There’s an assumption that single people of a certain age are lonely — but many seniors prefer peaceful solitude without interference from family and friends.

Tired and Wired

February 18th, 2020By Ira Israel

Being in charge, getting more and doing more is the cultural status quo – but at what cost to our quality of life?

The Benefits of Eating Alone

January 11th, 2020By Kate Eckman

No conversation, no TV, no phone, no magazines and no computer. Discover how delicious a meal can taste when you enjoy it without distractions.

Tantalizing Tantra

December 27th, 2019By Jack Boulware

Tantra is more than just being able to make love for hours, some say that tantric sex can be the fulfillment of your highest cosmic consciousness.

10 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

December 6th, 2019By Singular Staff

It’s that time of year where high calorie temptations are around every bend. We have healthy holiday eating tips that will keep you in charge of your waistline.

Going Gray in L.A.

July 21st, 2019By Michelle Ray

Gray hair has gotten a bad rap in youth-centric Los Angeles. But maybe what you’ve been working so hard to cover-up is really your most flattering hair color.

How Being Single Helps You Stay in Shape

December 7th, 2018By Katie Schultz

The New Year always brings resolutions to get into shape, but if you’re single, you probably have a head start over your coupled friends.