Maximizing Your Grocery Dollars

October 29th, 2017By Louise Harper

When you cook for one, it can be a challenge to buy only what you need and to use all that you buy.

Beans – The Convenient Power Food

September 15th, 2017By Louise Harper

Try this easy to make beet and bean salad recipe for one and enjoy a delicious meal packed with protein, fiber and nutrients.

Elixirs of Life

September 11th, 2017By Caroline Ryder

Tonics of herbs and mineral extracts are again in vogue. Can these potions made from flowers, herbs and even gold improve our health?

The Benefits of Eating Alone

September 7th, 2017By Kate Eckman

No conversation, no TV, no phone, no magazines and no computer. Discover how delicious a meal can taste when you enjoy it without distractions.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

August 4th, 2017By Louise Harper

We all need a little something sweet from time to time but when you live alone, desserts can present a problem.

Staples You Need for a Well-Stocked Kitchen

July 5th, 2017By Louise Harper

With the right spices, staples and seasonings stocked in your kitchen, serving up a delicious meal for one, like this Steak Diane, will be a snap.

Single Serve: Sugar-Free Banana Hotcakes

June 5th, 2017By Louise Harper

If you have bananas that are past their prime, try this recipe for banana pancakes as a dessert or decadent breakfast.

Single Serve: Ten Minute Pizza for One

May 15th, 2017

You don’t have to go out for pizza or have one delivered. Making your own personal pizza at home is easier and quicker than you think.