Cooking for One – Minestrone Soup

February 5th, 2017By Louise Harper

Discover the satisfaction and self-nurturing joy of creating a delicious soup you make just for you.

Single But Still Connected

January 9th, 2017By Kim Calvert

Building a strong network of friends and neighbors could be the best strategy for living happily and independently as we age.

Estate Planning for Singles

December 21st, 2016By By Michael Smith and Richard Barid

No spouse, no kids, no need for an estate plan, right? Wrong. Estate plans are actually more important for single people than their married counterparts.

My Cure for Melasma

December 2nd, 2016By Nadia Dulyn

In my battle with melasma, I learned that our skin reflects our overall health – revealing much more about our wellness than what’s visible on the surface.

A Single Thanksgiving Tradition

November 19th, 2016By Marva Marrow

Being single is the perfect opportunity to create a Thanksgiving tradition of your very own.

10 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

November 17th, 2016By Singular Staff

It’s that time of year where high calorie temptations are around every bend. We have healthy holiday eating tips that will keep you in charge of your waistline.

Tantalizing Tantra

October 7th, 2016By Jack Boulware

Tantra is more than just being able to make love for hours, some say that tantric sex can be the fulfillment of your highest cosmic consciousness.

Insurance – Do You Have Enough?

September 17th, 2016By Kristin Noreen

Most of us want the legal limit, we want to save a buck or two, but paying a lower insurance premium now could cost you a lot later, if you’re underinsured.