The Benefits of Eating Alone

January 11th, 2020By Kate Eckman

No conversation, no TV, no phone, no magazines and no computer. Discover how delicious a meal can taste when you enjoy it without distractions.

Tantalizing Tantra

December 27th, 2019By Jack Boulware

Tantra is more than just being able to make love for hours, some say that tantric sex can be the fulfillment of your highest cosmic consciousness.

New Year’s Party Ideas for Entertaining at Home

December 27th, 2019By Elizabeth Khuri Chandler

Celebrate New Year’s by entertaining at home with these party ideas and delicious, eco-friendly dishes that will dazzle your guests.

10 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

December 6th, 2019By Singular Staff

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Tips for Hosting in a Small Apartment

December 5th, 2019

Entertaining can be enjoyed in any sized space, with whatever furniture and resources you have available.

A Single Thanksgiving Tradition

November 24th, 2019By Marva Marrow

Being single is the perfect opportunity to create a Thanksgiving tradition of your very own.

Menu for One: Fish Tacos with Orange-Avocado Salsa

October 15th, 2019By Michael Poppa

Take a well-deserved break from those restaurant tacos and enjoy a simple, seasonal culinary vacation with this delicious recipe for one.

Single and Dating with Teenagers at Home

September 2nd, 2019By Casey Green

Are you a single parent trying to have a dating life when you have a teenager at home? Do you feel like you have a “parent” watching as you walk out the door?