If Something Happened to You Today

September 13th, 2015By Jason Collis

Living wills, power of attorney and estate planning seem far off, but it’s especially important to have in place when you’re single.

Single Parent, Will Travel

September 13th, 2015By Rachel Sarah

Check out these tips from a single parenting expert on how to make your next vacation, with your kids in tow, a pleasant experience for everyone.

Redefining Retirement

August 10th, 2015By John Hazlehurst

What our parents considered “old” will be “midlife” for us – with an opportunity to explore a new career instead of just retiring.

A Single Man and His Cat

August 1st, 2015By Tom Bunzel

Single Living: Cats are no longer the domain of single women, more single men than ever are finding the joys of having a feline friend as a companion.

The Healing Power of Energy Medicine

June 28th, 2015By Wendy Adamson

Auras, chakras, meridians and more. Can Western medicine learn something from practitioners who balance and activate the body’s natural healing energies?

Detoxing — The Right Way

May 17th, 2015By Ricardo Miranda, L.Ac.

Are you absorbing toxins faster than your body can remove them? It will take more than a detox product to keep your organs clean and working at peak capacity.

Being Single, with Cancer

April 20th, 2015By Tracy Maxwell

A diagnosis of ovarian cancer taught this single woman that her relationship status didn’t mean she had to face the challenges that lay ahead alone.

How Single People Get Screwed

April 5th, 2015By Kim Calvert

Dare to be an unmarried adult in the United States and you’ll pay the price with higher taxes, higher insurance premiums and institutional discrimination